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Last Minute Gift Guide for the Bottom-Shelf Drinker

We bottom-shelfers don't choose this path because we lack the means or sophistication to aim higher, but rather because we appreciate the subtle beauty of the more accessible liquors. It's easy to derive pleasure from vintage Champagnes, trophy bourbons, and extra-virgin IPAs. If you want to give your bottom-shelfer a gift he'll enjoy, go right ahead with the magnum of Double Imperial Pappy Van Krug. Everyone with a tongue likes that stuff. But if you want to give a bottom-shelfer something that says you understand and respect his world view, that you realize he has not just a tongue but also a heart and maybe even a soul, you might consider these options. More

Seven Gift-Worthy Winter Preserves

So you didn't stockpile a bounty of summer preserves to give out over the holidays? Neither did I. But it's not too late! Just because berry season is long gone doesn't mean you can't whip up a batch or two of homemade jam sure to please everyone on your gift list. More

Gift Guide: For the Griller

Cold, snow, wind...nothing stops the serious griller! No matter what the season, a backyard cooking enthusiast will always appreciate grilling related gifts. From the useful (rub shaker) to the kitschy (vintage serving trays) to tje ridiculous (barbecue cologne), there's something out there to add a little extra warmth to your special griller's heart this holiday. More

Gift Guide: For the Pizza-Maker

Some of these are stocking-stuffers, some are pretty pricey, but most are somewhere in between. What they all have in common is that I have turned to these products again and again in my own pizza-making life. I hope your pizza obsessive—novice or veteran—appreciates them as much as I do. More

Gift Guide: For Taco Lovers

Do you know someone who loves tacos? Not 'really likes' tacos, or 'enjoys' tacos, but really, really loves them? Well, you're a lucky person, because that means you have a guaranteed taco buddy any time you want. Here are some gifts to show your appreciation for the unabashed taco aficionado in your life. More

Gift Guide: For Cookie Monsters

Cookie monsters are a special breed. It doesn't matter how old we get, or how refined our palates may be, we love nothing more than a petite treat (often with a glass of milk.) If you know someone who's part of the crew, then check out this gift guide. It's got something for every stage: the baking, decorating, eating—and proclaiming our love for—cookies. More

Hot Dog Gift Guide 2012

It's that time of year again—the time to find an amazing gift for the crazy hot dog maniac in your life. There's plenty of amazing new hot dog stuff this year (see the hot dog guides from 2011 and from 2010), including a brand new book from a hot dog historian, hot dog cooking gadgets, t-shirts, and a whole bunch of delicious mail-order sauces. More

Gift Guide: Easy to Ship, Only in New York Foods

Shopping for a New York expat? Convincing a buddy to move here? You can't send New York attitude or that creeping feeling of paying godknowshowmuch for a studio apartment—but you can send proper pastrami. And smoked fish. And any number of the city's top cookies. Here are nine Only in New York food businesses—traditional and new—that will take care of all the shipping for you to deliver your gifts nationwide. More

Gift Guide: Gadgets We Love

Over the past year, I've tested many gadgets. Most were a lot of fun to play with for a short time, but others earned a coveted spot in my permanent kitchen arsenal. My top eight picks range from stocking stuffers to more sizable appliances that would look good wrapped and waiting under the tree. More

Gift Guide: Kitchen Gear for $50 Or Less

The items in this kit are designed to be inexpensive, functional, and adequate to comfortably help you cook for a couple people at a time. Think of it as a kitchen starter kit. I've avoided the standard "toaster with built-in egg poacher" or "electric griddle sandwich maker" type items that might be convenient for a week or two but wear thin very, very quickly. Every item on this list is something you'll use nearly every single time you cook. Many of them are inexpensive and won't last a lifetime, but they'll last until your giftee decides to settle down for an upgrade. More

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