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Gift Guide: For Chocolate Lovers

Everyone has a chocolate-lover on their list, but what to get them besides the same old See's or Godiva? (Not that there's anything wrong with See's or Godiva.) Here's a few ideas: some for the chocolate maker, some for the casual cook, and some for the friend who wants to eat straight from the box. More

Gift Guide: For The Ice Cream Maker

Giving an ice cream-related gift to a friend or loved one is really a good investment—you just know you're going to get thanked with a homemade frozen treat. Here are our favorite ice cream gifts for any ice cream-making enthusiast, whether they're beginners or they already have a few gallons under their belt. More

Gift Guide: For the Condiments and Sauces Lover

Condiments are awesome! Enthusiasm for this all-important accessory for food doesn't stop at the plate. There are plenty of sauce freaks out there creating an array of gifts to squeeze some joy into the hearts of friends and condiments-obsessed loved ones. In this gift guide you'll find hot sauce stationary, stylish sauce dishes, personalized Heinz bottles, and more. More

Gift Guide: For the Pickler, Jammer, Canner

Over the last few years, this home canning trend has blossomed into a full-on renaissance. Everywhere you turn, you're being handed homemade jam and jars of refrigerator pickles. The best way to encourage more gifts of delicious treats is to offer up a few tools to these canners and jammers to make their work even easier. More

Gift Guide: Kitchen Starter Kit For Recent College Grads

Your kids, relatives, friends, or good acquaintances have just finished up college and are about to move into their first real place of their own with a completely understocked kitchen. Here are a few of the most basic, inexpensive pieces of kitchen gear that any recent college grad should be outfitted with to help wean them off the dining hall buffet habit. More

10 Nutty Nutcrackers

Those walnuts, almonds, and pecans better watch out. They're about to get cracked by a bevy of newfangled and retro nutcrackers. (Anyone else love nutcrackers?) They're a fun, practical gift. Everyone loves nuts (well, the nut-allergic excluded) and everyone's got to crack 'em (only weenies buy them shelled, right?). More

Gift Guide: For the Home Pizza-Maker

Whether the pizza freaks in your life are old pros in the kitchen or budding amateurs, there's sure to be something on this list they'll like. From typographic "pizza" plates to dough-rising buckets to an awesomely wacky whisk for mixing dough, these gifts will show your pizza-maker that you did your homework. More

10 of Our Favorite Cookbooks in 2011

This gift guide has a book for each of the unique cooks on your holiday shopping list. Everyone from the solo eater to the CSA junkie to the science-minded inquisitive cook to the time-pressed weeknight chef to the hardcore griller—they're all covered on this list of our favorite cookbooks of 2011. More

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