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Gift Guide: For Wine Lovers

You can always buy the wine lover on your list a fantastic bottle of wine (or three). Wrap up a bottle of Lopez de Heredia and you're sure to please. Better yet, do a little detective work and find a magnum bottle from your loved one's favorite producer. But if you want to give your favorite oenophile a gift that will last a little longer, check out this roundup of seven suggestions. Cheers! More

Gift Guide: The Ten Best Cookbooks of 2010

Staring at my towering stacks of cookbooks, I realized that unlike compilers of other top-ten lists, I had the distinct advantage of testing multiple recipes from each and every book we've featured. And for me, when it comes down to judging a cookbook, it's the success (or failure) of the recipes that counts for the most points. More

Gift Guide: For the Baker

It's true: winter is cold. But these sweet gift ideas will warm your favorite baker's heart—and kitchen! Old-school baking twine, colorful whisks, donut-shaped donut makers, and more. More

Gift Guide: For the Burger Lover

Whether the burger lover in your life is into just eating burgers, making burgers, or wearing burgers, you should be able to find something worth getting in our burger lovers gift guide featuring slider-making tools, meat grinders, T-shirts, kitchen timers, 3D puzzles, and more. If you can't find the right burger-themed gift in this guide, check out our guides from 2007 and 2009. More

Gift Guide: For Curd Nerds

What should you give your cheese-obsessed friends for the holidays? It's a vexing question. Cheese travels better than most perishables, but still you wouldn't want it sitting under a tree for any length of time. It might get messy and a certain aroma would almost certainly give it away. Instead, consider these seven ideas. More

Gift Guide: For The Griller

There's no shortage of grilling paraphernalia out there, but this list of eight items (condiment accessories, t-shirts, aprons, and more) represents that balance of practicality and awesomeness in a way that is sure to set any griller's heart aflame. More

Gift Guide: For Healthy Eaters

Healthy eaters: historically, they're pretty tough to buy gifts for. Popular cookbooks are chancy, Omaha Steaks won't cut it, and chocolate is out of the question (unless it's the good stuff). Never fear. From delicious dips to fun apparel, this guide should make shopping for your nutritionally minded loved one a little easier. More

Gift Guide: For The Hot Dog Lover

Whether you're shopping for a full-time hot dog history buff or just someone who likes cool stuff and an occasional chili dog, there's plenty of frankfurter-related merchandise to choose from. Here are 10 interesting gifts to give this year. More

Gift Guide: For the Spicy Food Lover

This selection of gifts is geared to make any heat-obsessed fan happy throughout the year. It ranges from teeny Tabasco bottles and Sriracha peas (move over, wasabi peas) for stocking stuffers to hanging pepper plants. Check out this roundup of seven gift ideas, none of them over $35, for spicy food fiends. More

Gift Guide: Food-Related Graphic T-Shirts

I have trouble wearing plain T-shirts. They're just so...empty. But slap on a happy doughnut or sad taco and I'm good to go. If you or someone you loves feel the same way, get them a food-related graphic T-shirt for the holidays. Here are eight of my suggestions—admittedly, suggestions that skew towards the realm of the cute, colorful, and silly. Feel free to share your suggestions below! More

Gift Guide: Kitchen Equipment

We're kicking off our holiday gift guide series with 8 pieces of equipment that can help your loved ones (or yourself, if you're the self-gifting type) become better cooks. Whether it's something as fancy as a $96 thermometer (essential!) or an under $15 stocking-stuffer timer (also essential!), there's something here for everyone's budget. And I can almost guarantee that at least one item on this list isn't already in their kitchen collection. More

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