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First Look: Kolo Klub in Hoboken, NJ

Drinks Carey Jones 5 comments

"You can't really find a craft cocktail bar in Hoboken," said Ladislav Sebestyan, one of the two owners of Kolo Klub. "It's the kind of place where you can't really open a bar without a TV." But they felt the neighborhood could use one, so they brought in Michael Neff and Kenneth McCoy, proprietors of Ward III and the Rum House, to design the cocktail menu. Come take a look at what they're serving. More

Good Bread: Marie's Bakery and Dom's Bakery in Hoboken

New York Andrew Coe 8 comments

The rest of the country knows Hoboken for the sculpted sheet cakes that come from its most famous bakery. They're swathed in sheets of Satin Ice brand fondant tinted a rainbow of hues not found in nature. Even on the coldest days, the line for Carlo's Bakery, of reality show fame, stretches for blocks down toward the train tracks. Hobokenites know their city for the good bread produced by the bakeries that aren't featured on TV. More

Photo of the Day: The Hudson Hangover: A Bacon Fatty Melt with a Fried Egg

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 17 comments

[Photograph: Brian G.] AHT reader Brian G. sent us this photo of a Fatty Melt-esqe burger from Hudson Tavern in Hoboken, New Jersey, made of two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches-for-buns, a patty topped with more cheese and bacon, and... More

Sweet Hoboken's 'I Like You A Lot' Cake Is Perfect for New Relationships

New York Adam Kuban 5 comments

[Photograph: Sweet Hoboken/Facebook] Not quite ready for the L-word yet? Sweet Hoboken, a Hoboken, New Jersey, bakery known for its cupcakes, has the perfect cake for couples who have just started dating: "I Like You A Lot." It's a... More

The Sandwich on '30 Rock' Sandwich Day Episode Revealed: Fiore's in Hoboken, NJ

New York Erin Zimmer 27 comments

Last May, there was a special "Sandwich Day" episode on 30 Rock. In a climactic scene, Liz Lemon, Tina Fey's character, rushes to the airport to catch her then-crush Floyd, but gets stalled at the security gateā€”her sandwich's dipping... More

Food-Themed Cake for Rachael Ray from Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken

New York Robyn Lee 12 comments

Photograph by Christine Campanelli This morning on Good Morning America, Rachael Ray celebrated her 500th episode with this intense food-themed cake made by Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. Owner Buddy Valastro's elaborate cakes have appeared in numerous... More

'A Damn Good Burger' at Mikie Squared in Hoboken, New Jersey

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 7 comments

Photograph from Hoboken 411 Yesterday's "Photo of the Day" at Hoboken 411 was this autopsy shot of a burger from Mikie Squared. The post doesn't say much about the burger besides that it's "damn good" and, "The flavor and... More

Learn It, Don't Burn It: NYC Food Classes, 10/1 to 10/10

New York Allison Hemler Post a comment

Every Wednesday we'll be posting delicious educational opportunities in the New York for the approaching weekend and the following week. All classes listed still have openings, but if you hear otherwise, please let us know. 'Cheese Basics' at Artisanal Cheese... More

Grimaldi's Hoboken

Slice correspondent 5 comments

Garden State Slice [This is the debut entry of Amanda G., our New Jersey bureau chief. She'll be checking out pizzerias west of the Hudson for Slice. — Ed.]CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The Grimaldi's in Hoboken is on the corner of Clinton and Second streets, a short walk from the Hoboken PATH station. Like its namesake east of the Hudson, this Grimaldi's has a coal-fired oven. Our New Jersey bureau chief's half-pepperoni–half-mushroom-olive pie. | Photographs by Amanda G. I had high hopes for our trip to the Hoboken branch of Grimaldi's. My husband, Steve, and I had eaten there a... More

A Menu From Grimaldi's Hoboken

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

HOBOKENCLICK TO ENLARGEOur newly appointed New Jersey bureau chief was able to procure a menu from the Grimaldi's in Hoboken. You'll notice that this menu has a more detailed account of the whole Patsy's–Grimaldi's name-change controversy. We're still not sure if that's the whole story or whether it only confuses us more, but we thought we'd share it with you. Notice how this location accepts credit cards. Though this menu doesn't say it, this location delivers (with a $12 minimum)! That'll be just one more thing for our Jersey friends to crow about. Anyway, you're probably wondering if our new... More

Wolfgang Puck in Jersey

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

The first time I had ever heard of chicken pizza was while watching some cooking show in high school. I remember thinking it was novel idea worth investigating. I also liked other questionable things high school, but that's another story. Anyway, the man responsible for broadening my fowl-on-a-pizza horizon was Wolfgang Puck, who appeared on that show as part of its feature on Los Angeles restaurants. Older and (a bit) wiser, I no longer think chicken on a pizza is a good idea. So I don't really know why the opening of Wolfgang Puck Express in Hoboken interests me. The... More

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