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Philadelphia: 10 Amazing Hoagies You Should Eat

Everyone knows Philadelphia for its awesomely gooey cheesesteaks but until recently the full scale of the city's sandwich greatness wasn't getting nearly as much recognition. There are a whole host of incredible sandwiches to be had in Philly. Philadelphians believe the hoagie is its own beast of sandwich, with almost nothing to do with subs, heroes, grinders, torpedoes, or any other regional variation of a sandwich served on a long roll. It's in a class all its own. Here are 10 of our favorites in the city. More

A Sandwich a Day: Fried Tomato Special at Chickie's Italian Deli in Philadelphia

The Fried Tomato Special ($6.75) from Chickie's Italian Deli in South Philadelphia is like a turkey club on steroids. The sandwich begins with a half of a giant-sized seeded roll from Sarcone's Deli split open and piled high with sliced turkey, crunchy bacon, shredded lettuce, mayo, sliced cheese, breaded fried slices of tomato, marinated roasted pepper, and your choice of either oil and vinegar or mayo. More

Dinner Tonight: Spicy Italian Sausage with Peppers Sandwich

Though a massive Italian sausage and pepper sandwich can look unwieldy and out of control, what actually makes it so mouthwatering is its balance. The sweetness of the peppers helps quell the spiciness of the sausage, and the bread perfectly soaks up all the juices. I say this even though I don't think I've ever actually experienced this ideal in real life. Most of the examples have come from state fairs and questionable street carts. The sausages were dry, the peppers greasy, and the bread stale. It made me wonder: can this classic ever actually taste good? More

Freed Journalist Laura Ling an Apparent Hoagie-Lover

Freed journalists Laura Ling, with hoagie, and Euna Lee. When CNN.com first published the news that journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee were freed from North Korea yesterday, these were the photos they used. At some point, the website cropped out the hoagie from Ling's photo—but not before sharp-eyed Philadelphia Citypaper blogger Drew Lazor noticed it and screen-capped it, saying: ...why did CNN decide to zoom in/crop the image after its initial posting? Is it inappropriate to show a former detainee brandishing a sandwich like a motherfucking microphone? We certainly don’t think so. On the contrary—nothing, in our opinion at least, screams democracy quite like this. Fuck you, Kim Jong-il, you evil commie bastard! This shit has THREE KINDS... More

America's Heroes, Grinders, Subs, and More

Hoagies, heroes, subs, wedges, po'boys, grinders. The list goes on. Whatever you call your hometown hero, we're here to talk about America's best hot and cold versions. The long list of monikers should at least give you a hint of the importance and history of this most beloved and humble sandwich. More

Market Table: A New York Eats First Bite

Market Table, the new market-cum-restaurant from Little Owl's Joey Campanaro and Mike Price, is now open, and, based on one thoroughly enjoyable lunch shared with Serious Eats's Alaina Browne, is certainly worthy of attention. The burger, supposedly made with a... More

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