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Market Scene: Market Hall in Gdansk, Poland

Most tourists are too busy admiring the ornate pastel buildings of seaside Gdansk, Poland to visit the massive Market Hall just a few blocks away. Reminiscent of a nineteenth century train station, crowned with a wrought iron and glass roof, it houses an overwhelming selection of food vendors. You can fulfill your Polish food fantasies for paczki, herring, kabanosy sausages, and every variety of E. Wedel chocolate, all in one place. More

Sunday Brunch: Fish Hash

Let me get this out of the way first: this is not the most beautiful plate of brunch you've ever seen, I know. No caramel-burnished sticky bun or fluffy, chive-flecked omelet perfection here. Yet humble fish hash is one of the most tempting things lately to emerge from my kitchen. Although I was, not so long ago, a little wary of herring, I know I'll be making it again soon. More

Blogwatch: Netherlands' National Dish, the Raw Herring Sandwich

Raw herring is a Dutch specialty, so it's no wonder that the broodje haring, or a raw-herring sandwich, is the national dish of the Netherlands. Says Simply Sandwiches, "It's cold and a bit mushy, but has a refreshing freshness and bite from the onions and pickles that it's a pleasure to eat. It also helps that it's incredibly soft and I could probably eat it without teeth."... More

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