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The Nasty Bits, Valentine's Day Edition: Heart

Each year for Valentine's Day, I write a special Nasty Bits piece featuring some portion of the animal for which there are reproductive and/or amorous connections. Some cuts, like testicles, are really delightful. But today we're staying above the belt. For that special someone in your life, consider heart: a hard-working muscle that's lean but tender. More

Turkey Confit with Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great fat with which to confit. The flavor of meat confited in olive oil tends to be a little lighter than meat cooked in duck fat and certainly lard, but the real advantage of confiting in olive oil is that you don't have to track down good-quality animal fat. Any bottle of olive oil will do and after you have used the oil to confit the meat, you can use it again to roast your vegetables. More

Heart Cut-Out Marshmallows

The you warm my heart cocoa mix from Fred Flare is actually a cute idea. It comes with heart cut-out marshmallows and a single serving of hot cocoa mix to send to your beloved on Valentine's Day. Buyer beware: The mixes sell for $8 a pop at fredflare.com. You could also make homemade versions for Christmas next year if you're not a big fan of Valentine's Day. [via Tastespotting]... More

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