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First Look: Salty Sow in Austin, Texas

The meat-centric restaurant Salty Sow recently opened up on Austin's east side. This latest nose-to-tail venture is powered by the owners of Eddie V's and Hopdoddy (the steakhouse and mini burger chain, respectively). It's no surprise that this menu is dominated by animal-driven dishes. Check out the charcuterie plate, bone marrow, and more. More

Snapshots from Germany: Sülze (AKA Head Cheese)

Head cheese, also known as aspic, is popular throughout Europe. Just to clear things up before we move any further: it does not actually contain any cheese. Head cheese belongs to a family of dishes where prime quality meats from the head of a pig or calf (seafood, lamb, and poultry can also be used) are preserved into a jelly made from cooled stock that's been turned into gelatin. More

What's YOUR recipe for cooked pig's head?

Here's "Granpa's": 1 hog's head 1 hog's tongue salt and pepper sage or chili powder Clean and scrape hog's head and wash thoroughly. Wash and trim tongue. Cover head and tongue with slightly salted water and simmer until meat falls from the bone. Drain meat, shred, and season. Pack tightly in bowl, cover, and weigh it down. Let stand 3 days in a cold place. Slice. Makes 6-8 pounds. The site also has recipes for scrambled brains, cheddar coffee ("when the coffee is gone, slurp the glob of melted cheese", and a "banana worm bread" that calls for 1/4 cup of dry-roasted army nuts. At last, some hors d'oeuvres ideas for my next book club meeting...... More

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