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Snapshots from Serious Eats: Fishing for Stripers with Harold Dieterle and Friends

A few weeks back I woke up at the ass of dawn to head out to Port Washington, Long Island with my sister, a friend from school, and my buddy Harold Dieterle. We'd been talking about heading out for stipers—as striped bass are called—for years, but it's not always easy for a working chef and a writer-on-too-many-deadlines to find mutual time off to do it. We jumped at the chance when it arose. We were on the water by 5:30, and cooking up a storm by mid-afternoon. Come take a look at the photos. More

Kin Shop Serves Lunch

For those of you who work, live, or play in the West Village, here's a bit of good news: As of today, Kin Shop is now open for lunch. No word yet on whether Dieterle will be serving lunch-only specials or deals, but how does a hot bowl of Steamed Pork Meatball Soup with Crispy Garlic, Bok Choy Shoots, and Black Soy Sauce sound to carry you through the cold winter? More

Kin Shop: 'Top Chef' Winner In the Ring for Best Thai in NYC

One could be forgiven for having low expectations of Kin Shop, Harold Dieterle's new Thai restaurant. Top Chef graduate takes over a floundering trendy Chinese spot and turns it into a contemporary Thai restaurant? Could be a recipe for showy and unevenly executed fusion fare. But Harold Dieterle is more than a television phenom. In fact, he's now serving some of the best Thai food we've had outside Thailand. More

Meet & Eat: Harold Dieterle, Chef/Restaurateur

Many Serious Eaters know Harold Dieterle as the winner of the first season of Top Chef in 2005. With his winnings, he and partner Alicia Nosenzo opened Perilla in 2007 in the West Village—a favorite of both regulars in the neighborhood and those who come from afar seeking a taste of the dishes that earned Harold his title. He and Alicia will be opening their second venture in the fall, a contemporary Thai restuarant called Kin Shop, at Sixth Avenue and 12th Street. Harold talks to us about his love for Thai cooking, his dreams of becoming a Navy fighter pilot, and the lure of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. More

Sorry 'Top Chef' Fans, No Sam Talbot Food for You

Top Chef heartthrob and eventual winner Harold Dieterle's restaurant Perilla opened recently in New York City's West Village, and Season Two hottie Sam Talbot was supposed to follow suit on the Lower East Side in the middle of June with a gastropub called Spitzer's Corner. But according to Eater, he and his business partners have called it quits—they're still opening the restaurant, but he's no longer involved with the operation. Too bad, the place sounds great, and I was really looking forward to checking him, er, it, out. (Dieterle is still the only contestant with a restaurant in Manhattan, but Season Two's Josie Malave opened her own place, Island Cafe Bar and Lounge, in Queens back in March.) Related:... More

Top Chef Winner Harold Dieterle's Restaurant Opening Soon

Restaurants rarely open when they say they will for all sorts of reasons, but Top Chef heartthrob and eventual winner Harold Dieterle's first restaurant, Perilla, looks to be on course to open in the middle of this month, just like he said it would. According to our friends at Eater, the space in New York's West Village looks just about ready for primetime, and Perilla is already accepting reservations for May 14th on OpenTable. All you Top Chef fans from out of town, it's time to book your tables and plane tickets!... More

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