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'The New Yorker' Explains Everything About the Hangover

The New Yorker's Joan Acocella spends more than 5,000 words dissecting the hangover. As she eloquently points out, "it is a preventable malady: don't drink." But beyond abstinence, other popular cures include peanut butter in Africa, chilies in Mexico, pickle juice in Russia and greasy, fried whatever everywhere else in the world. Read what triggers the bed spins and tummy aches in the Annals of Drinking. Or just scan our favorite shots of wisdom from the piece, after the jump.... More

Other Bevs Of The Future

How about hangover-free alcohol? Or programmable soda whose flavor you'd control by twisting the cap a certain way, like a locker combination? Someone's actually working on this. Whose priorities are these? Personally, I wish they'd tackle the hangover-free alcohol instead.... More

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