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Searching for Hamentashen on Avenue J and Beyond

New York Sara Markel-Gonzalez 13 comments

Avenue J in Midwood has a good amount of kosher bakeries, and this time of year, the week leading up to Purim, those bakeries are filled with mishloach manot gift baskets and hamentashen. Poppy and apricot are my personal favorite, so when available, that's what I ordered at each stop. I didn't find a bad hamentashen in the bunch, but there were a few standouts. Here are the goods, from acceptable to outstanding. More

What's Your Favorite Hamantash Filling?

Carey Jones 37 comments

Tonight marks the beginning of Purim, a Jewish holiday that all of us sweets lovers know for hamantashen—triangular, jam-filled crumbly cookies traditionally eaten on the holiday. What's your favorite filling? More

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