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From The Mailbag: Thanks Miss Ellie, Love Hambone

We opened up the Serious Eats Mailbag this monday to find a package addressed to Official Serious Eats Mascot and Chief Financial Officer Hambone (a.k.a. Jamón). Inside the box was the most darling pizza-shaped dog toy, complete with squeaker in the crust. The toy came to us from long time Slic'er dhorst's dog Miss Ellie, whose friend Tammy Johnson seems to be a master at creating cute things out of cloth over at Fessenden Hill Creations. More

Video: Hambone's Cereal Taste Test

In an attempt to give all the cereals in this tasting a fair shake, we decided to get the opinion of the only cereal virgin in the joint, namely, this guy. Hambone. He accepted the job with great humility and an appropriate amount of gravitas. The weight of responsibility rested squarely on his wrinkly shoulders as he was semi-obediently led away to the far corner of the office while samples were prepared. More

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Yes, it's the moment you've all been waiting for: PUPPY TIME. Please welcome three-month-old, shar-pei/pug mix (shar-pug!) Hambone Nugget Mondongo Altez to the Serious Eats family. If you ever sense a lack of attention being paid to the site, it's probably because Hambone is distracting us with his soft rolls of fuzzly skin and nonstop-wagging tail and meltingly warm eyes. Some other stuff happened...maybe...[stares at Hambone]...wait, what?...yeah. More

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