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Spam Hacks: 12+ Things to Do with SPAM

J. Kenji López-Alt 21 comments

A few weeks ago, we tasted every flavor of Spam on the market. It was... interesting. But the real question is: What do you do with over a dozen cans' worth of leftover Spam? You get creative, that's what. Spash (Spam hash), Spam Wellington, Spam Luther Burgers, Spamac & Cheese, and more! More

Ramen Hacks: 30+ Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Noodles

J. Kenji López-Alt 175 comments

As a half-Japanese kid in the '80s, I grew up eating instant ramen at least once a week, and it still holds a special place in my gut. That said, my tastes have changed and expanded considerably over the years, and sometimes that little flavoring packet just isn't enough. As such, I've spent a lot of time devising ways to upgrade my ramen in cheap, easy ways. Ghetto gourmet, if you will. More

Use a $3 Plate Hanger to Turn Your iPad into a Cabinet-Mounted Cookbook

Adam Kuban 9 comments

Tumbleweed Labs shows how to use a $3 plate hanger to turn your iPad into a wall- or cabinet-mounted cookbook. More

Kitchen Hack: Use Your Toaster to Heat Taco Shells

Adam Kuban 18 comments

Another one for the "Hey! Why Didn't I Think of That?!?" file. Bike Hugger's DL Byron shares this tip for using your toaster to warm hard taco shells. "Pop them up when they start to sizzle," he says on the site. This would be a great idea for make-your-own taco nights. Simply prep all possible taco fixin's, line them up in serving dishes, and place the toaster at the start of the assembly line. ... Now I wish I would have bought that four-slot toaster I had my eye on. More

Video: How to Make Brownies in a Waffle Iron

Robyn Lee 11 comments

I'm going to use this recipe for making brownies in a waffle iron as an excuse to eat brownies for breakfast. "They're shaped like waffles! It's OK!" Watch the video after the jump.... More

Pizza Delivery Hack: How to Get Drivers to Ring the Right Buzzer

Slice Adam Kuban 7 comments

This is a super-specific "hack" that applies only to apartment dwellers—and, more specifically, to apartment dwellers in buildings with very few units. Like, with two or three units. Anyway, I have a recurring problem. In my building, it's just me and my landlord. When I order pizza delivery, half the time the driver rings the wrong buzzer. Yeah, when I call I make sure to tell them, "Ring buzzer No. 1. IT'S THE TOP BUTTON." You'd think that would be direction enough, but often it's not. It's not a huge problem at decent hours, but late at night it... More

Bacon from Whole Foods for about 2 Cents a Strip

Adam Kuban 7 comments

A blogger figures out how to scam Whole Foods. Go to the salad bar early in the morning, fill your cardboard container with bacon strips, close container, and pay. 16¢ for about 8 strips.... More

Here's a Tip: Mediocre Pizza Is Better When You Order It 'Well-Done'

Slice Ed Levine 23 comments

Pizza photograph by The Pizza Review T&R, where I often get my delivery and take-out pies. For the last year, whenever I've ordered a conventional-gas-oven, mediocre-ingredients-laden, decent-crusted plain pie from my local pizzeria of choice, T&R, I have been specifying that my pie be well-done. Why? Because uncooked, gummy pizza dough may be my No. 1 pizza pet peeve (also known as my "PPP"). Nothing ruins a pizza like a bite filled with raw dough. And you know what? Ordering well-done really makes a difference. My last pie from T&R was most excellent. Am I the only pizza lover... More

Ikea Water Taxi to the Ballfields is Still Free... For Now

New York Zach Brooks Post a comment

Contrary to rumors, the Ikea Water Taxi hack we discovered a few months back is still free, even if you are not shopping at Ikea. However, if you are planning on taking it to the ballfields this weekend, be prepared... More

Ikea Hack: Free Ferry and Bus Service Will Give Easy Access to Red Hook Ball Field Vendors

New York Adam Kuban 15 comments

The food-related buzz about the Red Hook Ikea in Brooklyn so far has been that the cafe there will serve "unspecified New York specialties" in addition to the usual meatball fare. But the real story is this, ladies and and gents: The Red Hook vendors will now be easily accessible from Manhattan via the Ikea Ferry. More

Learn Secret Product Codes, Avoid Stale Candy

Adam Kuban 6 comments

Photograph from SpooSpa on Flickr From Consumerist: M&Ms and Mars candy: There's usually a 10-digit code of numbers and letters, but you only need to worry about the first three. The first number is the last number in the year ... and the next two numbers stand for the week of the year (... 804 would be the fourth week of 2008: February 2008). Hershey's: There's a 2-character code for the month and year. The year is like the other code, with the number being the last number in the year, the second character is a letter that represents the month. A = January, B = February, and so on. So a code like 9A would mean ... January... More

Paper Cup Lifehack, With Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

The break room was out of paper towels at work today. So, to microwave my square slice, I improvised. I grabbed two paper cups, tore them along the seams, and nested them together to form a makeshift cardboard basket. Bonus: The wax lining on the inside prevents melted cheese from sticking.... More

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