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How to Make Japanese-Style Pork and Cabbage Dumplings (Gyoza)

As far as dumplings go, Japanese-style gyoza are some of the simplest to make, if only for the fact that they are almost always made with store-bought, ready-to-fill wrappers at even the best dumpling joints in Japan. My mom wasn't the most talented or passionate cook in the world, but to this day her gyoza remain one of my favorite foods of all time. I've been making gyoza for over three decades now. Here's every trick and technique I've picked up, modified, or developed over the years. More

The Vegetarian Option: Chiyono

[Photographs: Maggie Hoffman] Chiyono 328 East 6th Street (b/n 2nd Avenue and 1st Avenue; map); 212-673-3984; chiyono.com Cuisine: Japanese home cooking Service: Eager to please Setting: Quiet Veggie Options: One combination plate, a handful of small dishes Cost: About... More

The Gyoza Dog at Japan's DisneySea Theme Park

"Most exciting food was the 'Gyoza Dog.' More like a steamed bun with gyoza-like filling (note the phallic exterior). It was right out side the 'Journey to the Center of the Universe' ride. The line for the Gyoza Dog was just as long as the line for the ride." [Umami Mart]... More

Gyoza Stadium

My favorite thing to have in stocked in the freezer is a big sack of Japanese pork-filled gyoza, which take about ten minutes to pan-fry and steam and taste delicious whether I'm eating them for lunch or a midnight snack. If you like gyoza, one of your long-term goals in life should be to visit Gyoza Stadium in Japan, an indoor space decorated like a Japanese town from the 1950s, the streets lined with small gyoza restaurants—each serving a different kind of gyoza from a different gyoza maker, some of the finest gyoza in all of Japan in one place. Cabel Sasser says Gyoza Stadium is a food themepark, "basically an elaborately designed food court, otherwise known as the greatest... More

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