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How to Make Rummy Bears and Other Drunken Gummies

Do you remember hearing last year about the kids getting drunk in class on vodka-soaked Gummi Bears? It was a real problem in some schools, especially in parts of California, where bear-boozled kids were sent home. We're not endorsing this illicit activity; kids, stay in school. But if you're of age, want to eat Gummi Bears and drink alcohol at the same time, then keep reading. Bring these to a party and you'll be everyone's hero. More

Step-By-Step Gummy Bear Surgery

Picture from Instructables When I was bored with a bag of gummy bears—the kind of scenario that tended to occur a lot more often when I was seven years old—I used to bite them in half and graft one color head onto another color body. (Or if I was feeling especially subversive, two heads or two bodies together.) Pretty sloppy surgery. But the blog Instructables has a much more precise and, dare I say, medically sound approach to Gummi Bear Surgery—with a full pictorial step-by-step guide. With a sterile scalpel (okay, X-Acto knife) and a steady hand, he takes on amputations, brain transplants, and the creation of a three-headed bear. Pictures not for the (gelatin-based) faint of heart.... More

Regular Gummy Bears Cower in Fear of the 12-Ounce Big Bite Gummy Bear

You know what would be more fun to eat than your average, bite-sized gummy bear? A monstrously huge gummy bear! Cybele May of Candy Blog reviews the 4-inch tall, 12-ounce Big Bite Gummy Bear with surprisingly good results: It’s very soft, more like a piece of firm Jell-O than a gummy bear. It smelled great, like fresh orange juice. The texture was very smooth, melted in the mouth better, and didn’t require a lot of chewing. It was almost like a piece of intensely flavored Turkish Delight. In order to avoid eating all 1120 calories of gummy bear on her own, she did what anyone in her position would do—she decapitated it to share with her friends. As large as... More

The Anatomy of a Gummy Bear

Check out this incredibly in-depth look at the anatomy of a gummy bear. Who knew just how complex it got underneath those squishy, pliable bear bodies?! (They've even got phalanges in their tubby little paws!) Actually, it's making me think twice about getting gummy bears again at the movies... ugh... [via MoistProduction.com]... More

Edibles: Bear with Me

"Sometimes when you don't want the artisanal chocolate and you don't want any cheese that's 30 years old that's been made by monks in Latvia, you need things like sour Sunny Bears." MORE EDIBLES Edibles: Scarfin' the Scharffen Berger [Thursday, January 25, 2007] Edibles: Getting Cheesy [Wednesday, January 24, 2007] Edibles: Stockholm Slices [Tuesday, January 23, 2007] Edibles: Palapa Azul Mexican Ice Cream [Monday, January 22, 2007] All Edibles... More

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