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Sculptures Made from Gummi Bears

Taiwanese artist YaYa Chou has a thing for making sculptures out of gummi bears. Her gummi bear rug, gummi bear ram, and gummi bear chandelier are just a few selections from her Gummi Bear Series. On her website she explains that by constructing luxury items out of a children's snack, she aims to explore "the relationship between food consumption and class." [via Geekologie] Related Let There Be Gummi Bear Lights Regular Gummy Bears Cower in Fear of the 12-Ounce Big Bite Gummy Bear The Anatomy of a Gummy Bear... More

Let There Be Gummi Bear Lights

Light radiating from anything but a huge Gummi Bear now just seems unfair. Available for $79.99 from Target (only online), these aren't edible or squishy, but would make nighttime reading so much better. [via productdose] Related The Anatomy of a Gummy Bear ZOMG! Absinthe Gummi Bears In Videos: Gummi Bear in Molten Potassium Chlorate... More

Regular Gummy Bears Cower in Fear of the 12-Ounce Big Bite Gummy Bear

You know what would be more fun to eat than your average, bite-sized gummy bear? A monstrously huge gummy bear! Cybele May of Candy Blog reviews the 4-inch tall, 12-ounce Big Bite Gummy Bear with surprisingly good results: It’s very soft, more like a piece of firm Jell-O than a gummy bear. It smelled great, like fresh orange juice. The texture was very smooth, melted in the mouth better, and didn’t require a lot of chewing. It was almost like a piece of intensely flavored Turkish Delight. In order to avoid eating all 1120 calories of gummy bear on her own, she did what anyone in her position would do—she decapitated it to share with her friends. As large as... More

In Videos: Gummi Bear in Molten Potassium Chlorate

What did this red gummi bear do to deserve death by extreme fizzling in a test tube? I doubt he willfully offered his body to science. The brave, sqiushy soul proves that he and his race cannot survive molten potassium chloride reactions. (He really took one for the team here.) Watch the gummi bear death after the jump.... More

ZOMG! Absinthe Gummi Bears

From The Urban Daddy: That's right, your favorite recently legalized, possibly hallucinogenic liquor has finally made it into ursine gummi form, fresh from Tailor's in-house candy shop (aka, mad scientists Sam Mason and Eben Freeman). You'll mostly taste licorice—it's really... More

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