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Japanese Snacks: Gum

What's the best part of candy-coated gum? The candy, of course, and the way the crunchy shell gets pushed into the chewy elastic center. Meiji's hip to this and came up with bubble gum in pieces so small that it's almost all candy shell with just a bit of gum in the center, giving you the perfect excuse to down way more of the little guys than any healthy child or adult should. More

How to Make Gumball Flower Lollipops

[Photograph: Gourmet Mom-on-the-Go] I never felt compelled to buy gumballs and lollipop sticks until I saw these gumball flowers by Gourmet Mon on-the-Go. Stick small gumballs around a larger gumball with a ring of icing and you've got a cute and easy-to-make treat. [via Epicute] Related Pie Lollipops Oh My God, Maple Bacon Lollipops... More

Lucky Cat Gum Ball Package Design

[Photographs: box vox] Even though I rarely chew gum, I'd want these gumballs just for the adorable Lucky Cat packaging. (Other possible designs for white gumball packaging: snowmen, bunnies, penguins? Someone get on that.) [via The Dieline] Related Gum Alert, a Gum Rating Blog Amazing Chewing Gum Art Photo of the Day: Franks Bubble Gum... More

Gum Alert, a Gum Rating Blog

Photograph from Donnaphoto on Flickr Here's a blog for all the discerning gum chewers out there. Gum Alert rates gums on flavor, texture, and overall gum goodness. I will admit that it wasn't until I saw this blog that I realized I must be a total gum noob. Orbit Mist Peppermint Spray? Wrigley's 5 Rain? Trident Splash Citrus with Blackberry? Who knew all these gum permutations even existed? And what does rain taste like? If nothing else, I applaud this search for the "ultimate in mastication stimulation." [via Neatorama]... More

Giant Gum Sculptures by Simone Decker

Luxembourger artist Simone Decker shows what Venice would look like if covered in huge gobs of chewed-up gum in her sculpture series, Chewing in Venice. [via BOOOOOOOM] Related Chewed Gum T-Shirt Amazing Chewing Gum Art... More

Chewed Gum T-Shirt

From afar, a pleasant pattern of colorful blobs. Up close, chewed gum wads. But still pleasant looking, unlike the underside of my gum wad-dotted desk in second grade. This shirt designed by artist Dan Colen is available at honeyee.com for 10,500 yen, or $107. Perhaps a DIY version is in order. [via swissmiss]... More

Dentyne's Latest Ad Campaign Tells You To Go Offline

Gum brand Dentyne's latest ad campaign features Internet lingo implying that you should stop reading this website, get off your butt, and make face time. Don't even think of hugging or kissing another person if you're not chewing Dentyne Gum. The ads are cute, but as I rarely find myself rolling in the grass with another human being or being part of a five-person pile-up, looking at these ads just reminds me how severely lonely and Internet addicted I am. Seriously though, I make most of my friends through the Internet, so this ad probably isn't targeted towards me. [via AdFreak]... More

Wrigley Gum Enlists Pop Singers to Update Commercial Jingles

That "Double your pleasure, double your fun" lyric in the chorus of pop singer Chris Brown's new song, "Forever" is not a coincidence. The strategic nod to Wrigley's Doublemint gum is part of the brand's new advertising campaign, which will enlist two other pop stars to update classic Wrigley jingles. R&B singer Ne-Yo will give his rendition on Big Red's "Kiss a little longer," and country singer Julianne Hough is in charge of Juicy Fruit's "The taste is gonna move ya." "Forever" was released back in April and has been slowly gaining popularity, reaching number four last week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. As an ad executive for the new campaign notes, by the time the jingle comes out,... More

Amazing Chewing Gum Art

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor in the museum overnight? Italian artist Maurizio Savini's incredible gum-coated sculptures are an impressive testament to bubblegum's resilience and visual appeal. The exhibit's website seems quite enamored with it, gushing, "The sensual act of chewing, the voluptuous warmth of rebelling saliva, the artificial and secretly aseptic fragrance which spreads from the mouth as a promise and missed kiss." I don't know if I'd go that far, but it's pretty cool. More neat food-related art features sushi, pizza cutters, and more. Related Photo of the Day: Tall Stack Photo of the Day: Sweet Heart Creative Candy Photography... More

Mars Buys Wrigley for $23 Billion

Says the New York Times: "Mars, the makers of M&M’s, announced a deal Monday morning to acquire the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, the chewing gum concern, for about $23 billion. The transaction would create a confectionery behemoth and could pressure rivals into a cascade of other mergers."... More

Photo of the Day: Franks Bubble Gum

Would a dark pink, rod-shaped piece of gum intrigue you much? Probably not. But market it as Franks Bubble Gum and you have a winner! Same probably goes for flat, disc shaped gum—Flat Gum Patties wouldn't make for an enticing name, but Bologna Bubble Gum? Yeah!... More

Chewing Gum That Won't Stick to Your Hair, Coming Soon

In the future, sidewalks won't be covered with black spots of ancient gum, nor will students hands unintentionally brush against hardened gum wads hidden underneath their seats. Chemists at the University of Bristol have invented a less sticky chewing gum called Clean Gum that can be simply removed with water. Professor Terence Cosgrove explains that by adding a special polymer, the typically hydrophobic gum becomes hydrophilic, allowing water to disintegrate the gum over time or to form a film around the gum, releasing it from whatever surface it would normally stick to. Taste tests have already proven Clean Gum, which is expected to be released commercially in 2008, to taste as good or better than conventional gum. It won't be... More

'New York' Magazine Chews Lots of Gum So You Don't Have To

Photograph from cybele-la on Flickr New York magazine and a few gum-loving volunteers sacrificed the comfort of their jaws by taste tasting 132 kinds of gum in order to bring you the best of the three major gum categories—bubblegum, fruit, and mint. Before you buy your next pack, check out the results—complete with tasting notes from WD-50's Wylie Dufresne and Alex Stupak.... More

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