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Glenny's American Fries, Ketchup Flavor

Glenny's, maker of Soy Crisps, also makes American Fries, snacks that "have the great potato taste of French Fries but are baked and have 70% less fat than potato chips!" Available in ketchup, yellow cheddar, and sea salt flavors, they're "krinkle cut for crispy flavor." I'm not entirely sure what makes these snacks "American"—is it the ketchup flavor? The cheddar? Or were they just afraid to call them "French" fries and wise enough to not call them "Freedom" fries? It's clever marketing, using the Old Glory in the background to rouse up patriotic sentiments of a nation. Somehow, America = fries + ketchup! Or, worse: America = dry, starchy, baked potato matter that stinks of ketchup. The unmistakable ketchup odor... More

FAILFOODS: Foods that Fail

Of all the variations on Lolcats, have you ever wanted one purely focused on food? Really inedible no-longer-even-food "foods"? Introducing FAILFOODS, the site that makes you laugh, feel nauseous, and waste lots of glorious time.... More

The Most Disgusting School Lunches

Think your school lunches growing up were pretty bad? Check out these questionably edible school lunches from Harrison City Public Schools in Virginia, then decide. Such nutritional delights as Italian Dunkers, Chicken Fryz, and Taco Patties will make your eyes and stomachs bleed. View more of the lunches if you think you can handle it. Some of my favorites are the Taco Tub and the Ham and Cheese Pita. What were your most disgusting school lunches growing up?... More

A McDonald's Pizza Happy Birthday

Subject: Thanks for the inspiration After viewing the image on your site a while back of the McDonald's pizza, I forwarded it to my boyfriend for what I thought would be a laugh. He described it as the most amazing thing ever and requested it for his birthday. We did our best to recreate. --Lisa B.... More

Scary Pizza: Boo! This Topping Is Worse Than Pineapple

Remember I said I would scare the living s&*! out of you? Here goes.... You may have seen this around the web last week. McDonald's food as pizza toppings. [shudders] For some reason, Adam didn't get around to blogging about it.... Oh. He just managed to slip out of his gag (I have him tied to a chair in the corner of the room while I hijack Slice), and he says that the images below made him sick to look at. They kinda make me sick, too. See, you've gotta remember that I'm a slice of pizza, so this kind... More

Taking Themed Dining Too Far

In the Chicago Tribune's "Dinner and a Show" column, which pairs an entertainment event with nearby dining choices, writer Chris McNamara hits upon a perhaps too literal combo of ribs and ribs: "I kept the graphic 'Body Worlds 2' brochure tucked away while eating my meaty meal, but the memory of some of the unhealthy corpses we'd just seen crept into my consciousness toward the end of my slab."... More

Rats: Gross, But Less Dangerous Than Our Unwashed Hands

eGullet's Steven Shaw has a strong op-ed in the New York Times today arguing for a more rational response to rats in restaurants than the current hysteria: Rats move freely from building to building: adult rats can, like the superhero Plastic Man, compress themselves to fit through spaces as narrow as half an inch. Their mobility makes them as easy to miss as they are to find. A rat-free city is no more possible than a germ-free or risk-free society. We can hope to manage rodents, roaches and other intruders down to an acceptable level, but they’ve always accompanied, and may outlast, human civilization.Rats in restaurants, while distasteful, are more a distraction than a disaster for public health. As... More

Does a Salad Have to Be Wearing a Glove to Be Properly Dressed?

Our friends at Eater broke the glove in the salad at a New York restaurant story a couple of days ago. (Warning: Some images might be inappropriate for children and adults.) And the Old Gray Lady, putting its appropriately serious spin on the whole affair, delves into the question of what role gloves play in proper kitchen hygiene. Related: Our Megnut asked how people felt about latex gloves in the professional kitchen in Serious Eats: Talk last month. Update: The story appears to have serious credibility issues.... More

World's Largest Burger?

Restaurant Says It Has World's Largest Burger: "Weighing in at 123 pounds, this giant burger features an 80-pound beef patty, a 30-pound bun, 12 tomatoes and 160 slices of cheese. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub also throws on a pound each of lettuce, ketchup, mustard and mayo -- and up to five onions. The menu price for the Beer Barrel Main Event Charity Burger comes to $379." If you think the photo on the left looks terrifying, go see the larger version on the Denny's Beer Barrel Pub homepage—it made me feel queasy, which I assure you is not an easy feat. I wonder if it comes with sides? (You can read more about huge burgers in A Hamburger Today's... More

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