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5 Things We Love at the New Local Mission Market, San Francisco

What if a grocery store didn't have any factory-made crackers or cookies with tons of unfamiliar ingredients? What if there wasn't an aisle of Gatorade, and there wasn't a stack of canned soup or boxed mac and powdered cheese? What if a store was just perimeter: local produce, humanely raised meat, foods made from scratch in the kitchen? It's an experiment come to life in Local Mission Market in San Francisco. More

Saba is my Secret Weapon, or What to Cook Tonight

Fairly often my wife gets fed up with our eating regimen (lots of grilled cheese sandwiches (made with great cheese or sometimes Kraft Deluxe American slices), salads, hot dogs and burgers) and demands that I make her a home-cooked meal. So yesterday I bought a container of roasted vegetables at Fairway, one of my local gourmet stores, to use as a sidedish with the boneless pork roast I was going to make. After liberally salting the meat with kosher salt I browned the outside of the pork roast in a saute pan on top of the stove in some olive oil and a little butter. Put the butter in after the olive oil has heated up or else the butter... More

Save My Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese Dressing

Bottled blue cheese dressings are generally a really sorry lot, so when I came across one that is truly delicious I was thrilled. Point Reyes Original Blue Dip and Dressing (which comes in a shallow plastic tub) is made from Point Reyes Farmstead Blue Cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice, cider vinegar, dijon, worcestershire, sugar and pepper. Nothing else, nothing to gum up the works or make it last longer. It tastes as good as any blue cheese dressing I've ever had at a fancy restaurant. Point Reyes dressing tastes creamy and tangy and, well, like great blue cheese. It costs more than Wishbone or even Marie's, but those two awful concoctions don't even deserve to be mentioned in the... More

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