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Gadgets: Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill-Fryer

The Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill-Fryer ($213) is marketed as the grill you'd bring along when you're tailgating, and it comes with a handy carrying case. So it's portable, right? Right. Which probably means it's tiny, right? Way wrong. This thing is about 30 inches in diameter, with the cooking surface just about 24 inches in diameter, so it's not a backpacker's grill. But it'd be great for small families or those who don't have space for a larger, more permanent grill. More

Labor Day Poll: Gas or Charcoal Grill?

Most hardcore grillers are loyal to their charcoal. Have you ever heard anyone wax poetic about the great taste of propane? But hey, let's not totally hate on gas grills. Sometimes you don't have the time or clean-up energy to fire up the charcoal. What are you using this weekend for Labor Day feasting? Gas or charcoal? Cue grilling debate! Take the poll » More

6 Things Every Griller Needs

There are hundreds of so-called grilling "essentials" on prominent display at food stores and catalogues, but over the years, you figure out that the only real tools you need are the ones that help you bring your food close to fire (preferably without burning yourself). After all, isn't that what grilling is really all about—food and fire in all its primal glory? Here are the six items you really need. Everything else is just bells and whistles. And please, don't even think about buying those "grill kits." Not even as a gift. More

Grilling: The Gas vs. Charcoal Debate

I'm a die-hard charcoal man, standing firmly in the camp that's quick to spit out lines like, "You've never heard of anyone waxing poetics about the great taste of propane." But did my totally stubborn opinion start to change after purchasing a gas grill for my sister-in-law? More

Gadgets: Sanyo's Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

[Photo: Cooking.com] I'll admit that I'm in complete denial that the seasons are changing. Summer gives us far too many pleasures, and I'm just not ready to give them up. But for those of you who are on the same page, I've found a little bit of solace. With Sanyo's Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill ($39.95), I've kept summer's most prized culinary offering close throughout the rest of the year, and I've just broken it out for another season of heavy use. Aside from its economical price point, I was drawn to Sanyo's grill because it's theoretically supposed to be smokeless. When I purchased it, I lived in a college dorm equipped with the most sensitive of fire alarms, but... More

Death Star Grill on eBay

Photographs by Bryan Tate "The basic idea was to have a working grill that looked like the Death Star and could actually cook something," says sheet metal worker Bryan Tate. And thus the Death Star Grill was born out of two bottom-halves of Weber grills, welding, and barbecue paint. You have just three more days to get your hands on this grilling beauty on eBay. [via Unique Daily]... More

Grilling: Bringing It Indoors

Although I take to the flames all year round, I'm an admitted wuss to the cold, and once January rears its ugly head, I find myself opting for the warm comforts of the indoors rather then manning the grill in the arctic ice land that lays outside. Staying in is no excuse to stop grilling though, and I've found many grilling recipes can easily be adapted for indoor cooking, given the proper equipment. While not quite as passionate of a debate as charcoal preferences, I've found people will defend their Foremans, panini presses, and electric grills to no end. Having tried all of the former options and beyond, I've concluded that a cast iron grill (I'm rather fond of... More

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