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Brussels Sprouts Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I'm generally a purist when it comes to food—I'll take my burgers with onions and pickles and my cookies with chocolate chips, thank you—but I make exceptions now and then, especially when they involve Brussels sprouts, easily my favorite fall vegetable. On the menu today: Brussels sprout grilled cheese sandwiches. More

The Nine Best Sandwiches in the Mission, San Francisco

I spent five weeks this summer living in San Francisco's Mission District, going to bars that let my dogs roam free, making plans for big hiking trips, and pretending that I was going to learn to surf. Instead, I mostly ate sandwiches. Lots of sandwiches. Over 50 of 'em, from 23 different sandwich shops—that's every single self-proclaimed sandwich shop in The Mission, and then some. Here is my totally personal list of the 9 best sandwiches in the neighborhood. More

Serious Entertaining: Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups for a Crowd

I'm not going to try to pretend to take credit for this genius idea—I saw it late the other night on thefoodporn sub-Reddit and immediately knew that I'd have to make it for lunch the next day. The idea is that when you've got a few hungry mouths to feed, rather than forming a grilled cheese sandwiches in the standard shape, you instead roll the cheese up into the bread jelly roll-style before gently frying them in butter. You end up with an easy-to-pick-up, eminently dippable snack that's more fun, easier to share, and just as tasty as the more traditional version. More

A Sandwich a Day: Waylon & Willie at Burro Cheese Kitchen in Austin, TX

Despite all the garish colors and signs on South Congress, the bright yellow Burro Cheese Kitchen container shines like a bright beacon obscuring it all. It all builds incredibly high expectations for Burro Cheese Kitchen's "artisan grilled cheese sandwich." I perused the small menu, and considered designing my own lunch from a wide variety of artisan cheeses, breads baked fresh at Easy Tiger, and custom blended sauces like chocolate syrup, dulce de leche, and almond pesto aioli. n the end, I left it up to the professionals and selected one of their six menu options. The Waylon & Willie($9.00) More

Grilled Cheese with Kimchi

Getting back to basics here. The Grilled Kimcheeze is a modern classic, playing off the whole Korean/American fusion thing. Turns out that kimchi belongs in a grilled cheese about as much as a slice of American cheese belongs in a bowl of kimchi jjigae. (That is, a lot.) More

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