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Tea Wing: A Source for Premium Matcha

Tea Wing carries a select range of Japanese teas (the owner personally goes to source in Japan each harvest), and matcha is their signature product. I visited the Tea Wing headquarters for a taste, and their offerings were easily best matcha I've tasted in US. More

We Try the New Les Plaisirs Purs Teas from Le Palais Des Thés

Just as spring begins to arrive, an unwelcome fever and cold always seems to knock on my door. Whenever that headache/sinus pressure starts to creep up on me, I like to set rules for myself, promising that I'll be spared getting really sick if I drink that whole container of orange juice. I try to push hot liquids like it's my full-time job. So after a day or two of same-old Earl Grey, Lemon Ginger, and Sleepytime, I'm pretty bored with the tea I have on hand. The Parisian tea specialists at Le Palais des Thés recently introduced a new lineup of flavored blends; here's what we thought of them. More

Spot of Tea: Mariage Frères Casablanca Tea

Casablanca is one of my favorite movies. It has been since I was little, when I'd watch the film with my father, a man who probably still knows all the lines. He'd sigh over Ingrid Bergman ("Now that was a woman") while I slowly developed a crush on Bogie. I'm still holding out for a man who can make a bow tie look so sexy, and I'm still partial to anything I can associate with the romance of the film. I'm explaining this because only such a deep seated nostalgia would prompt me to pay $22.50 for a canister of tea. More

Five Flavored Green Teas You Can Bring Home to Mom

Though the vast spectrum of green teas can range in flavors from delicately floral to beguilingly vegetal, from fruity to earthy and back again, that hasn't kept tea blenders from the temptation to enhance. Flavored tea—from the traditional to the outré—is a concept somehow less brow-furrowing than, say, flavored creamer: at its most successful an organic process of blending harmonious botanicals towards the end product of a sum greater than (or more novel than) its parts. More

Tea Time: All's Well That's Dragon Well

To have achieved the highest esteem in the world of Chinese teas, your tea had to become an Imperial favorite—the pick of the emperor—too good for anyone but royalty to drink. To become an emperor's tribute tea (gong cha) was somewhat like becoming a made mafioso: the name of this tea would go down in history and legend for generations to come, and be grown and processed with care and reverence, hoping to garner a high price from its legacy. The Imperial Tribute teas, as they were formerly known, are, now that they are permitted for plebian consumption, today referred to as the "Famous Teas". Among their finest is the green tea called Longjing, or "Dragon Well". More

Spot of Tea: Republic of Tea Holiday Spiced Plum

If you're a green tea lover with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, you'll enjoy this seasonal offering from Republic of Tea. This subtly spiced tea makes for a nice change from standard chai—the smooth green tea is just delicately laced with cinnamon and plum. (The flavoring, they promise, is 'all natural.') More

Tea Time: All About Gunpowder Green Tea

The steely green pearls that comprise Gunpowder tea aren't all as malevolent as their name would have you believe. The small rolled balls take their name—according to common legend—from soldiers' and sailors' belief that it resembled their own ammunition's gunpowder. Though the tea pearls do unfurl on immersion in water, it's unlikely a cup will cause you any friendly fire. More

Tea Time: All About Hojicha

A super-mellow accompaniment to both savory and sweet foods, this roasted variation of green tea provides an elegant counterpoint to whatever it's set beside, and may be just the ticket as warm weather gives way to cool fall. More

Bake the Book: Green Tea Cookies

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate the delicate flavors of tea into sweets but Matcha, a finely powdered green tea leaves is one of the easiest and most exciting due to both purity of flavor and a radiant leaf green color. Its easily dissolvable nature is ideal for making batches of green tea ice cream, springy tea cakes, and these Green Tea Cookies from Stacy Adimando's The Cookiepedia. More

Spot of Tea: Village Tea Company Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Ginger root dominates over the delicate green tea in this blend, so if you're not a fan of the spicy stuff, skip this one. If you are, though, this is a nice example of warming ginger brightened with lemongrass. It's definitely herbal from the lemongrass and lemon myrtle, and it's a bit grassy-tasting, but not bitter. It will likely calm your stomach after a big meal. More

Green Tea You Should Know: Gyokuro

Beguilingly savory and extra-delicate, Japanese gyokuro is a green tea worthy of careful exploration. The great care that goes into gyokuro production comes with a high price point—but will reward you with a deep and unique set of savory flavors that live up to the tea's esteem. More

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