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Our Favorite Beers at the Great American Beer Festival 2012

Celebrating its 26th year, the Great American Beer Festival took place in Denver, Colorado this past week to honor the best American beers and their respective brewers. Some 49,000 people attended the event to sample over 2,700 beers from 578 craft breweries across the United States. Although there was no way for us to sample anywhere close to all of them, we had a great time sipping beer and chatting with brewers. More

8 New Denver Breweries to Visit During GABF

If you're planning on visiting the Mile High City during the Great American Beer Festival this year, you may notice that a lot has changed since your last visit. Eight new breweries have opened up within Denver city limits in the last year (bringing the grand total to 22), not including the dozen or so that have begun pouring outside the metro area. The product of favorable liquor laws and an atmosphere that cultivates and encourages young breweries, Denver—and Colorado as a whole—is quickly becoming an epicenter for craft beer in the United States. More

GABF Highlights: 15 Unique Brews from the Great American Beer Festival 2011

For some, GABF is mostly a competition, pitting the country's best brewpubs and breweries against each other for the gold medal. For others, it's a party, celebrating the explosion of craft beer with nearly 50,000 of your newest friends. And for others, it's mostly a chance to geek out on the country's best brews under one rooftop for three days straight. Today, we wanted to highlight some of the most unique offerings at GABF: 15 non-traditional beers you might not see anywhere else. More

Snapshots from the Great American Beer Festival 2011

This year, the Brewer's Association celebrated its 30th Anniversary of the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado. Thousands of beer geeks flocked to the Colorado Convention Center to take part in the festivities, which included over 2400 different beers from 465 breweries. Spread out over three days and four sessions, attending GABF is every craft beer fan's rite of passage. More

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