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Negroni Variations: 4 Recipes from Fiola in Washington, DC

Jeff Faile has crafted an evolving list of Negroni-inspired cocktails that occupies an entire page of Fiola's cocktail menu. Currently clocking in at six, the list includes a Negroni based on pisco, a clear version with Cocchi Americano and Dolin Blanc, and a richer one made with Barolo Chinato and Old Tom Gin. Each variation exposes new flavor possibilities for the drink. Lucky for you, we got the recipes for 4 favorites. More

Lillet of the Valley

Lillet of the Valley is a variation of the Col du Sabion, a drink we first encountered at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. The lightness of cider combined with the tart and earthy citrus flavors make this drink an excellent companion while watching the sunset from your rooftop. More

My Latest Obsession: Rhubarb Bitters

I don't often have buyer's regret—perhaps that's because I don't buy all that much—but sometimes I have failure-to-purchase regret. I see something I covet (usually in the specialty-foods or kitchen equipment store) and then I pass it by, thinking I'll get that later, no need to spend the money now. And then I get more and more obsessed. This happened to me recently with rhubarb bitters, and The Rhubarb Bitters That Got Away. More


This adaptation of the classic Boulevardier substitutes Gran Classico and homemade rhubarb syrup for the Campari. It's a luscious combination; bourbon and Gran Classico play very nicely together, and the fresh rhubarb adds just enough tart fruity flavor. More

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