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More Evidence That Trader Joe Paid Attention in Grammar Class

Grammar nerds, rejoice! [Photograph: @TimOfLegend] We've admired Trader Joe's use of good grammar in the checkout line before, but here's evidence that it's not just limited to the TJ's in Brooklyn we posted about last April. Game developer Tim Schafer finds this edited checkout-aisle sign in, I assume, San Francisco, where he lives. [via Super Punch] See also: Less vs. Fewer... More

Food Businesses Guilty of Spelling and Grammar Errors

Photograph from marc.benton on Flickr One way to lose weight is to avoid food purveyors that willingly commit misspellings. See ya, Krispy Kreme. According to this MSNBC report, Angela Nickerson is so annoyed by the Ks, she won't patronize the doughnut chain. If you really want to shave the calories, cut out all restaurants or businesses using unnecessary quotations, too. The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks has been famously policing the bad grammar scene for years now. If you've read the "menus" or "sandwich boards" of the restaurants you frequent, it won't "surprise" you that a number of eateries get their "knuckles" rapped.... More

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