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Goodbye, Emily! Thanks and Have a Great School Year

Ugh. Another day, another goodbye. I was hoping we'd be able to defer this one until after the fall semester, but 2008 summer intern Emily Koh just notified us that her upcoming course load at NYU is going to be too crazy. She had wanted to stick around for a bit during the school year, and we were thrilled to welcome her back, but I suppose she wants to graduate or something. You've seen Emily's name attached to various posts here, from Sampler Platters to Look Who's Talkin's to various reblogged items (she had a knack for finding crazy Japanese stuff). But I think our favorite Ekoh piece has to be the one where she talks about taking the phaal... More

Goodbye, Hannah! Thanks, and Good Luck

And today's the last day of Hannah Howard's summer internship here at Serious Eats. She's heading back to Columbia for the fall semester. If internships were meals, we'd now be at that stage where you've had dessert and paid the check but still want to linger a bit at the table before heading out. Hannah started during one of the craziest weeks we've had at Serious Eats, but she jumped right in and helped out, first bringing us roundups of The Week In Serious Eats and then, one day, surprising us all with Served, her fun, heartfelt, smart column about working as a server at a small cheese and wine bar. (Lucky for us all, she's going to continue to... More

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

And so our time with superstar intern Sarah Wolf draws to a close. This is Sarah's last day with us, after which she'll be heading back to Yale to buy books, schedule classes, and check off the rest of her back-to-school to-do list. We'll certainly miss her around these parts. She's written some great posts for us and helped out in countless ways—notably going out on rain-soaked frozen-custard runs. (Sorry about that, Sarah!) Plus, she's the only one here who seems to dig the iTunes playlist I routinely subject the office to. Not to worry, though, she'll still drop by with posts every now and again, and we can all follow along with her as she eats her way through... More

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