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We Try Every Species of Goldfish

Everyone likes Goldfish (tell us if we're wrong, but we suspect we're not). Now 50 years old, they have gone the way of Milano and Oreo; there are tons of varieties, many of which the average Goldfish lover is probably not aware of. S'mores Goldfish? Multi-colored Goldfish? Space Adventures Goldfish? Of course, we had to try them all. More

New Non-Savory Goldfish Flavors: Vanilla, Cinnamon, and S'mores

My mom and I thought it would be a normal trip to the supermarket as we wandered the aisles seeking out our usual sustenance. But then. We stumbled upon Goldfish Grahams, the newest addition to Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish cracker line. I knew I had to grab a few bags of this stuff for the office. The grahams come in five different varieties. We tried the Vanilla, Cinnamon, and S'mores Adventures (its official name) to see what a savory cracker brand could offer in the way of tasty, fish-shaped cookies. More

Do You Have a Hard Time Eating Animal-Shaped Foods?

There are vegans and vegetarians, and then there's a subgroup (likely very small) of people who aren't necessarily either, but get freaked out by eating foods shaped like animals. This topic came up after yesterday's poll, where we asked you to name what part of the chocolate Easter bunny you usually bite into first. But for some people, the shapes bring back too many memories of stuffed animals or pets. Eat something that resembles Fluffy?! More

Deep-Fried Goldfish

Check out this amazing deep-fat fryer with goldfish living in it! The fish live in water that sits below the oil, and eat the food particles that sink into their home. Crazy. And there's a video too. [via Jason]... More

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