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Cook the Book: Gold Dust Cookies

The cookies start with a ginger flavored dough that Lawson describes as wonderfully pliable. Reading the recipe I was a bit concerned pliable meant sticky but the dough rolled out in a perfect sheet with minimal flouring. The stars are cut, baked, cooled, and then gilded with edible gold dust. More

Gold Twinkies

Twinkies never enticed me much, but cover them in gold metallic powder and I'm sold! Kind of. Each gold-covered, espresso or buttercream-filled organic chocolate cake made by baker Sara Magid is $6 a piece at Brooklyn-based boutique Jan and Aya, so it won't completely gouge your wallet to try at least one. Does gold make the cake taste any better? I'm going to assume that my taste buds wouldn't care—but hey, it's shiny! [via Gothamist and Brooklyn Based]... More

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