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Chichi's Chinese: Glutinous Rice for Breakfast

This is ba bao fan, or "Eight Treasure Rice," one of my favorite uses for glutinous rice. For breakfast, I mix sticky rice with a small amount of lard, add in chopped walnuts and currants, and bury a few generous spoonfuls of red bean paste in the center. When it's done, the rice gets drizzled with honey. More

Seriously Asian: Glutinous Rice and Banana Leaves

Wrapping glutinous rice in banana leaves has to be one of the best things you can do with glutinous rice. The banana leaves impart their herbaceous, almost minty scent to the rice, which gets a double treatment of flavor: once from the wrapping, and again from the filling. You'll find banana leaf-wrapped bundles of glutinous rice across China and parts of Southeast Asia, the fillings varying according to regional tastes. More

Toisan-Style Joong

[Photographs: Robyn Lee] Learn more about joong here ยป Timeline for Joong Assembly 4 weeks prior: brine duck eggs (step 1) 4 days prior: cure pork belly (step 2) 1 day prior: prep joong leaves (step 3) Day of: final... More

How to Make Joong/Zongzi, Pork-Stuffed Glutinous Rice Bundles

When I was a kid, my mom chastised me for running in the house, but I'd run even faster towards the kitchen when the fragrant smells of her savory joong filled the air. My mom's joong are hefty bundles filled with lightly salted glutinous rice, studded with split mung beans, and generously stuffed with delectable slabs of cured pork belly, juicy slices of salty-sweet Chinese sausage, golden, creamy orbs of salted duck egg yolks, pungent dried baby shrimp, and flavorful shredded dried scallop all snugly wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves and tied with string. More


To learn about other Malaysian starters and desserts, click here. [Photographs: Chichi Wang] The batter for this chewy, soft dough can be made with either water or sweet potatoes. I like the extra bit of sweetness that comes from using... More

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