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Gluten-Free Tuesday: No-Bake Chocolate Orange Cookies

To quote Sandra Lee, these cookies are semi-homemade. I simply dip store-bought shortbread cookies in chocolate I've flavored with pure orange oil. I could bake the shortbread cookies from scratch of course, but since I do a lot of baking, I'm okay with taking the occasional shortcut. Especially when it makes it even easier to get my chocolate and orange fix. More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butters

As much as I love the from-scratch cookies that come pouring out of kitchens this time of the year, I have a soft spot for the "almost homemade" cookies my aunt Rita makes. For years, she's taken store-bought cookies and dipped them in chocolate—dressing them up the way the right scarf makes a casual outfit seem a little more stylish. With the help of the premade peanut butter sandwich cookies, she churns out chocolate-peanut butter gems without turning on her oven. More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Sugar Cookies

Does this cookie taste anything like the one offered at my high school? I have no idea. For a taste comparison, you'd have to ask someone who actually ate those cookies. But these cookies taste exactly as I imagined those cookies would taste: buttery and sweet with just a hint of vanilla. They might not be as easy to make as plucking frozen dough from a box, but they are darn close. More

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