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Beer Glassware: Does it Really Matter?

I work in a place that takes its beer glassware very seriously...in earthquake-torn San Francisco. It's a bad combination. Recently, as I nervously stood beneath my wall of geeky excess, I got thinking: do I really need all this glassware? Do these special beer glasses really deliver on their promises? More

Do You Use Fancy Wine Glasses?

I put my standard glassware to the test this week on a few bottles of riesling for my review series. I wanted to see how they fared in comparison with fancier glasses, particularly those designed with riesling in mind. Could the fancy stuff really be worth more 3 or 4 times as much as my standby stemware? More

Cocktail 101: Glassware Basics

Have you ever looked at the array of glassware available at, say, your local Crate & Barrel? The variety can seem overwhelming, even to a veteran boozer like me. No need to stress out, though. Here's our guide to the basic types of glasses that you actually need for your home bar. More

Seven Deadly Glasses

Everyone knows that wine tends to loosen inhibitions. But this set of wine glasses from Hamilton Design takes it to the next level—each glass represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins. According to designer Kacper Hamilton's description, "The ‘7 Deadly Glasses’ are about celebrating passion and encouraging the user to be sinful in a theatrical fashion." If that's the goal, then these cleverly designed glasses are the ideal props, artistically rendering each vice while providing a vehicle for the alcohol that fuels them. Let the drunken revelries begin. [via NOTCOT]... More

In Design: Birch Branch Mugs

I’ve recently had the pleasure of spending some time in the production kitchen of Brooklyn-based chocolatier CocoaVino, observing firsthand the care and attention given to every detail by proprietors Alisha Lumea and Avril Pendergast-Fischer. In addition to creating their unique and delectable chocolate bonbons and confections—all handcrafted to exacting standards—the duo also designs the company’s graphics and packaging, right down to the special box inserts that hold the bonbons snuggly in place. This year, they’ve taken things even further, designing and making a small lot of beautiful cups for sipping their new hot chocolate mix. Individually sculpted by Ms. Pendergast-Fischer to resemble sections of white birch branch (complementing the birch-bark motif on the hot chocolate box), the charming shot-sized ceramic... More

Goldilocks Goes Drinking

Frank Bruni on the trend towards giant cocktail glasses: "The gargantuan drink — intended to impress and often genuinely intended as a good value — has proliferated, and there’s a downside. Cocktails meant to be consumed at a certain chilly temperature begin getting significantly warmer before anyone who’s not quaffing them in three big, speedy sips can get to the bottom of the glass. That’s not what the cocktail gods intended, and yet these larger drinks have made their smaller counterparts seem stinting, setting up a Goldilocks situation: this one’s too stinting; this one’s overwhelming; where’s the one that’s just right?"... More

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