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Taste Test: Ginger Snaps

Sweets Robyn Lee 22 comments

We tasted eight major brands of ginger snaps, to find those that most live up to their name (by being gingery and snappy, of course). Check out the winners and losers here! More

Cookie Monster: Pumpkin Custard With Cookie Crumble

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 4 comments

Invert your pumpkin pie this year by topping a spiced, orange-scented pumpkin custard with a sweet ginger cookie crumble. More

Pumpkin Custard with Cookie Crumble

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

Invert your pumpkin pie this year by topping pumpkin pie filling with a ginger cookie crumble. More

Bake the Book: Bacon Fat Gingersnaps

Sweets Emma Kobolakis Post a comment

Proving that inspiration comes from the most interesting places, this recipe comes to Cookfight from New York Times fashion critic, Cathy Horyn. They are apparently a Swedish-American tradition from her hometown in Ohio. Traditional or not, they are a truly intriguing cookie, with a smoky sweetness that separates them from your standard 'snap. More

Bacon Fat Gingersnaps

Serious Eats Emma Kobolakis 2 comments

Apparently a Swedish-American tradition, bacon fat gingersnaps are a Cookfight gem. Sweet, smoky and spicy, their flavor sets them apart from any 'snap you've ever had. More

Pie of the Week: Satsuma Lime Gingersnap Pie

Sweets Sarah Baird Post a comment

I've always considered the seductive and regal blood orange my favorite citrus treat, but since moving to New Orleans several years ago, my affection for the satsuma, a local favorite, has blossomed into a full-blown love affair. I like to let it shine in this bright and flavorful pie. More

Satsuma Lime Gingersnap Pie

Serious Eats Sarah Baird 1 comment

A spiced gingersnap crust is filled with a bright and tangy filling starring satsuma oranges with a hint of lime. More

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Serious Eats Max Falkowitz 6 comments

A frozen alternative to pumpkin pie, with gingersnap cookies and candied ginger folded inside. More

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