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Why You Should Buy Tanqueray's New Old Tom Gin

Andrew Strenio 16 comments

This week, Tanqueray drinkers will find a new bottling on the shelf next to the familiar green bottle of London Dry: the distillery's spin on an Old Tom Gin, a once-extinct liquor that's poised to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight again. It's delicious stuff. Here's a bit more on Old Tom (and how to use it in cocktails.) More

Gin Daisy

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

This gin cocktail is bright and tart, with delicate herbal and berry flavors and a pale pink color. More

Ampersand Cocktail

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

This equal-parts drink, made with cognac, Old Tom gin, and sweet vermouth, is luscious and smooth, with a little candied-orange sweetness and a touch of vanilla. More

Your Blender's Highest Purpose: Frozen Negronis at Home

Elana Lepkowski 4 comments

Sometimes a cocktail over ice just doesn't cut it. Sometimes, when the sun is blinding you, and you're shaking hot sand out of unusual places, you want something as close to frozen as possible. What you need, my friend, is a Frozen Negroni. More

Watermelon White Negroni Slushie

Serious Eats Elana Lepkowski 1 comment

Skip sugary frozen fruit drinks this summer, and try this chilly spin on the classic Negroni cocktail. More

Frozen Negroni

Serious Eats Elana Lepkowski Post a comment

In hot weather, you'll want to batch up this sophisticated frozen cocktail. More

Curious About Byrrh? Make This Simple Cocktail

Elana Lepkowski 1 comment

A simple cocktail that lets an old ingredient shine. More

Auld Draper

Serious Eats Elana Lepkowski 1 comment

Byrrh, a mild apéritif based on red wine and flavored lightly with quinine, gives a rich and spicy kick to this easy-to-make gin cocktail. More

5 Gin Drinks You Should Make This Spring

Drinks Nick Caruana 3 comments

It's time to start thinking about drinks that will complement warmer weather. Here are five of my favorite gin cocktails to mix this spring. More


Serious Eats Nick Caruana 3 comments

This smooth sipper from Adam Bernbach of Proof in Washington, DC has undertones of cherry and anise. More

Brown Gin

Serious Eats Nick Caruana Post a comment

This recipe adds a hefty dose of bitters to London dry gin, making for richer, spicier take on the classic Pink Gin. More


Serious Eats Nick Caruana Post a comment

A simple mix of muddled cucumber, gin, and Aperol makes for a cooling and refreshing cocktail. More

Employees Only Martinez

Serious Eats Nick Caruana 2 comments

Flavorwise, this cocktail is somewhere between a traditional Martinez and a Martini. More


Serious Eats Nick Caruana Post a comment

Cucumber and fresh dill work wonderfully with Hendrick's gin and lime juice in this refreshing cocktail. More

Just 1 Bottle: 15 Cocktails to Make With Gin and a Trip to the Grocery Store

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

If you've got just one bottle of booze, you can still make drinks. Today we'll focus on cocktails you can make with a bottle of gin. You don't need liqueurs, vermouth, or any other spirits. The rest of the ingredients can be gathered at your local grocery store or farmers' market. More

Kiwi Cooler

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Sweet kiwi is accented with the slightly licoricey flavor of tarragon in this easy gin cocktail. More

Salty Dawg

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

The classic Salty Dog can be made with vodka or gin. I like the gin version, with a bit of tart lime added in for extra brightness. More

Simple Drinks: Baby Takes a Nap

Drinks Mira Evnine & Liz Clayman Post a comment

A simple and delightful cocktail made with chamomile tea, gin, and honey. More

Baby Takes a Nap

Serious Eats Mira Evnine & Liz Clayman Post a comment

The herbal side of gin complements the chamomile in this simple cocktail. Honey adds depth to the flavor. More


Serious Eats Nick Caruana Post a comment

This classic twist on a Negroni adds in some absinthe to bring great herbal and light anise flavor that lingers in the background. More

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