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Jane Mount's 'Ideal Bookshelf 6, GW' on 20x200

The above print, "Ideal Bookshelf 6, GW," is available on affordable-art website 20x200. The "GW" here being George Weld, the Brooklyn chef known for his way with breakfast at the perennially crowded brunch spot Egg. An ideal gift idea, no? Prints start at $20 (8-by-10-inch) and max out at $200 (16-by-20-inch). Related How to Make Eggs Over Easy, with George Weld Egg, a Perfect Breakfast in Williamsburg... More

Holiday Gift Idea: The Note Tote

You thought were being eco-friendly carrying your own reusable shopping tote, but what about the PAPER SHOPPING LIST, you environmental wastrel? This new tote does away with the piece of paper. £9.99, from Spreadshirt [via Swiss Miss] On second thought: Having said that, I've spotted a flaw. The bag comes with a pen, but how do you erase the first list?... More

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