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13 Great Kitchen Tools for Your Valentine

You won't catch us turning down chocolates and flowers, but in our book, nothing says "I love you" quite like a big sharp knife or a functional pot. Diamonds aren't the only thing that's forever—Le Creuset dutch ovens will last for generations and knife kits are many a cook's most treasured possession. Whether you're ready to drop the big bucks or just looking for something that says, "I care about you, and you care about food," we've got 13 top-of-the-line kitchen tools to help you find your way. More

Gift Guide: For the Gluten-Free Home Cook

From cut-out cookies to the ubiquitous cheese and cracker tray, the holiday season often feels like it's knit together with strands of stringy gluten. For your friend who follows a gluten-free diet, here are some gifts that they can enjoy during the holiday season and beyond. More

Gift Guide: For the Pizza-Lover

The holiday season is upon us! Which means, if you're anything like me, you only just realized (perhaps even upon reading this) that you need to frantically figure out a way to cobble together some presents for friends and family. If those friends or family members happen to be pizza lovers, well...relax, because boy do I have some pie-centric presents for you! More

Gift Guide: For the Pitmaster

The pitmaster requires his or her own special tools for manning a smoker cooking low and slow, getting those toughs cuts of meat to tender and delicious perfection. There's no limit to the gear designed for the pitmaster, but this list has some of the items that are truly useful and will set your little smoker's heat aflame. More

Gift Guide: For Wine Lovers

If someone on your list is a wine lover, he does not want a tie with a picture of wine on it for Christmas. She does not want a tshirt with a picture of a corkscrew. And neither of them really want a cute six-bottle wine rack with curlicues on each end. They mostly want help doing what they love: finding wine, buying wine, storing wine, learning about wine, and drinking wine. If you're looking for gifts for wine lovers, here's our guide to doing it right. More

Gift Guide: For the Cheese Lover

The holidays are almost here. Stuck on what to get for the cheese lovers on your shopping list? Thankfully cheese people are relatively easy to shop for, and the internet has made it that much easier by providing an endless parade of cheese tools, toys, and treasures to choose from. Below you'll find some of my favorite finds for cheese fanatics, all vetted and enjoyed personally by your resident fromagère. That's me, in case you were unclear. *ahem* More

Gift Guide: For the Globetrotting Food Lover

You probably have at least one person in your life who's always on the road—heck, maybe that person is you. Whether it's for work or play, eating well along the way is not optional—it's essential. With that in mind, here are a few handy gifts for the food-loving frequent flyer. More

Gift Guide: For the Vegetarian Cook

My wife and I cook vegetarian at home 90% of the time and are strictly vegan for a good chunk of the year. This guide is a practical approach for normal, everyday vegetarians who are just like normal, everyday people but happen to cook more vegetables than anything else. See our top picks! More

Gift Guide: For Cider Lovers

Whether your loved ones are gluten free gourmands or adventurous homebrewers, cider just might be on their holiday wish lists. We're here to help with gift ideas: books, bottles, gear, and even a weekend getaway that your favorite cider lover is sure to enjoy. More

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