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Nutella vs. Gianduia vs. Generic Brand Hazelnut Spreads

Nutella and gianduia (sometimes spelled gianduja) is kind of a Kleenex and tissues situation. Nutella is the brand-name for a more general Italian chocolate-hazelnut confectionery known as gianduia. Many people say that high-end gianduia, where hazelnuts make up at least 50-percent of the ingredients, is like an evening gown next to the ripped denim of Nutella, which averages at about 13-percent. J.C. Reid of Houston Press's Eating Our Words blog recently compared the two: Ultimately, comparing gianduia to Nutella is comparing apples to oranges. They are born from the same tradition, but the resulting flavor profiles are very different. Grateful Bread's gianduia has a wonderful depth and complexity of flavor manifested in the combination of hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar, vanilla and... More

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