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Video: Foraging Sea Beans, Geoducks, and Salt on the West Coast

There was so much seaside goodness along the West Coast that we had to combine several ocean episodes into this one video. Watch as we forage for sea beans in Bodega Bay in Northern California with Hank Shaw of the site Honest Food, dig for a giant clam called a geoduck (pronounced gooey-duck) with John Adams and Langdon Cook, and made our own salt with the young chef from Herbfarm in Woodinville, Washington. More

Video: Farming Geoducks in the Pacific Northwest

Ever heard of geoducks? First of all, they're pronounced gooey-ducks. The prehistoric-looking and, well, pretty ugly shellfish, are native to the Pacific Northwest and fascinating creatures. Though tough to raise (it involves hours of hunched-over farming), they've been called the prime rib of clams. Liza de Guia of Food Curated tried some for the first time on her recent trip to Washington state. "I can honestly say as a seafood lover I felt like I had been missing out my whole life." Watch the video to learn more about geoducks. More

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