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Supermarket Sweets: We Try Talenti's New Gelato Pops

You probably recognize Talenti—their pints of gelato and sorbetto are pretty easy to spot on crowded supermarket freezer shelves thanks to their sleek packaging and flavors like Alphonso Mango and Blood Orange. Now, the 10 year old company is rolling out chocolate-covered gelato pops. The first flavors available are Mediterranean Mint, Sea Salt Caramel, Black Raspberry, and Double Dark Chocolate. Here's what we thought. More

Scooped: Lemon Mascarpone Gelato

While you can easily plop mascarpone on cake or pie and call it a day, it's not much harder to mix it with some milk and sugar to make gelato. From start to finish, you can have freshly made ice cream in 40 minutes with this recipe, which is simple enough for any weeknight but fancy enough to embellish holiday desserts. More

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