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Quick Game Day Appetizer: Garlic-Knot Monkey Bread

I've got to thank Kenji for this idea. He suggested a garlic-knot monkey bread as a Home Slice topic, saying it might be good to do before the big game on Sunday. The byword here is EASY. This is almost a twist-and-dump thing. You could make your own dough for this (here's a suitable recipe), but I just used store-bought pizza dough from the freezer section. You'll need 2 pounds. (Most store-bought pizza doughs I've seen come in 1-pound portions, often 2 to a package.) More

A Pizza My Mind: The World Should Have More Garlic Knots

I wasn't all that well acquainted with garlic knots until moving to New York, where I started to encounter them at every corner sliceria. Little strips of dough tucked around garlic, drenched in butter and oil? An amazing notion even without the parmesan and parsley scattered on top. But while the pizza scene is enjoying a renaissance, the garlic knot scene (yes, I said "garlic knot scene") has not followed suit. I want more well-made garlic knots! More

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