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Toronto Proposes Ban on Coffee Cups

Photograph from smoodysarah on Flickr When I go out, I'm always annoyed by the double-bagging phenomenon (whether paper or plastic) and the takeout burger covered in tissue, in a foam container, in a plastic bag. Looks like I'm not the only one. The Toronto Star reports on the city's attempt to reduce the amount of garbage from landfills—a major environmental issue—by considering limitations on paper coffee cups, foam takeout containers, and plastic packaging. While bans on plastic packaging have been effective in the U.S., an outright ban on paper coffee cups doesn't make much sense. Not enough people are willing to bring their own containers, and many stores are too cheap to adopt compostable materials or don't do enough... More

Britons Throw Out A Third Of All Food

According to a survey from the Waste and Resources Action Programme, Britons throw out a third of all food purchased, about 6.7m tons of food a year: "Wrap figures suggest that around 20% of British climate change emissions are related to the production, processing, transportation and storage of food. The main reasons for having excess food were that more was bought than needed, that fridges were too warm and that many products with a short shelf life were not eaten prior to their best before date. Children refusing to eat food or pestering their parents to buy unwanted items while shopping further contributed to waste, Wrap said, along with informal or unplanned eating patterns." Appalling, but I can't imagine things... More

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