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Burger Wrestle Game

Boy, would I have loved to have sat in on the brainstorming session behind this game: Burger Wrestle. It's just you and a gigantic human-bashing burger in the ring, like a nightmare induced by eating too many burgers. Attacks include body slamming and farting. Grab the food that pops out for more points. More

Pop the Pig, a Game Where You Feed a Pig Burgers Until He 'Pops'

The kid's game Pop the Pig* ($19.68 from Amazon) has been out in the US since 2009, but I only came across it yesterday, so ... better late than never. The game features a fat, anthropomorphized pig in a chef's outfit, sitting down with mouth agape and tongue hanging out. Players take turns rolling a die and picking up the associated colored burger piece that tells you how many times to pump the pig's head. Stick burger in pig's mouth and pump his head to expand his belly. Continue playing until his belly pops. More

Sushi Cat Game

I wasn't up until 2 a.m. last night playing Sushi Cat. No...not at all. If you're amused by fat blobby animals bouncing around a screen while eating every piece of sushi that lies in its trajectory, this game is for you. What can you learn from this game? That by achieving FULL BELLY, anything is possible. Or some things are possible. There may also be a lesson about physics in regards to the way the flubber-like cat bounces around the screen. If nothing else, it'll probably make you laugh. [via @raphael_brion] Related: 'Sushi Go Round' Game... More

Pancake Flip Game for the iPhone

[Image: iTunes Store] For all you people who enjoy looking at cute graphics and flipping pancakes, this game is for you: Pancake Flip ($0.99) for the Apple iPhone (or iPod Touch). Help the pancake chef improve his skill by flicking the iPhone like you would with a pan. Just don't do it too hard; you don't want your iPhone to go flying. Watch the game in action, after the jump.... More

Video: How to Play Farmville, the Facebook Farming Game

You know farming has reached faddish proportions when there's a Facebook game devoted to it. Farmville was launched in June but now has nearly 60 million users. It's somewhere between the Sims and Charlotte's Web where players harvest raspberries, pumpkins, and other foods, then sell their bounty for online coins. As this recent New York Times piece points out, more and more people are becoming obsessed with putting on their virtual overalls. "The game seems to have mesmerized people from all walks of life. Every night for the last two weeks, Jil Wrinkle, a 40-year-old medical transcriber in the Philippines, has set his alarm for 1:30 a.m., when he will wake up, roll over and harvest his blueberries." See... More

Food-Related Trivia Games at Sporcle

If you love trivia games and don't mind being sucked into a vortex of time waste-age, visit Sporcle, a website with over 1,900 games that test your knowledge of various topics in time limits of ten minutes or less (and you don't even have to waste time pressing "enter/return"). Here are some food related games. [via Metafilter] Highest selling quick serve restaurant chains Foods in French Foods in Spanish Musical bands or singers that include a food in their name Name the candy from its slogan American breakfast cereals available since the 1960s Cereal mascots Largest pizza chains in the U.S. Jelly Belly flavors Types of pasta Top cocoa bean producing countries... More

Cheese or Font?

Test your knowledge of cheese and/or fonts (typefaces if we want to get technical) and learn a few new cheese names in the process by playing Cheese or Font? Minutes of fun await you! [via Metafilter] Related JuustoleipƤ, an Excuse to Dip Cheese in Coffee Serious Cheese: Von Trapp Farmstead's Oma Serious Cheese: Grilled Cheese, Georgian Style... More

Friday Game: HamBurger

HamBurger is an online game where you have to build burgers and collect fried shrimp. Why? Who cares; it's a game! Take a break this Friday and click on floating lettuce leaves and burger patties while listening to bloopy... More

Foosball Is for Wieners

Photograph by 2wenty5ifthfloor on Flickr Unfortunately it's not real sausage, because that would be messy. A fake sausage foosball table is still pretty good. The "Sausage vs. Sausage" custom foosball table is the genius creation of Red Tettemer, a Philadelphia-based advertising agency, for client Hatfield Quality Meats in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Twisting plastic meat tubes for the win sure makes me want to eat real meat tubes! Very effective marketing.... More

Mentos 'Kissfight' Game

Not a big fan of fighting games? Try Mentos's Kissfight styled after a head-to-head fighting game where you, as Nicky 'Fresh Lips,' must out-kiss your female opponents rather than beat them up. Collect falling Mentos candies for super-charged kissing power. Just like in real life! At least, that's what they want you to believe. Related Why Mentos and Diet Coke Create Fountains 'Sushi Go Round' Game Sims Carnival Games Destroy Your Productivity (For a Few Seconds)... More

'Sushi Go Round' Game

Experience the fast paced world of running a sushi bar by playing Sushi Go Round. Click on ingredients to make specific rolls (doing it incorrectly results in something that looks like a pile of poop), send the sushi out to your customers before they get angry, and buy more ingredients when supplies are running low. It's not realistic at all, but it's a fun way to kill time. [via Metafilter]... More

Sims Carnival Games Destroy Your Productivity (For a Few Seconds)

Let your inner game developer shine at Sims Carnival where you can create your own mini-flash games about anything you want, whether or not you have programming experience. If you're like me and have no creativity whatsoever, benefit from the fruits of other people's labor, many of which happen to be food related. Some of my favorites include the four seconds of non-stop action in Don't Burn the Brulée, saving humans from extinction by gathering space toast in Intergalactic Toast, mindlessly eating burgers in Eat It!!!!, and collecting falling meats for no apparent reason in Aerial Meats. I kill at least 30 seconds playing these games at home—what a glorious half-minute that was. [via GotGame]... More

Cooking with Kids: A Food-Related Board Game

When my family vacations in Vancouver, British Columbia, as we did a couple weeks ago, food is never far from our minds. We subsist on Timbits, Chinese food, Indian takeout from Vij's Rangoli, and ice cream bars from Rogers'. This time we brought back an inedible, yet tasty, souvenir. It's a children's board game called Crazy Chefs, made in England by Orchard Toys. My 3-year-old daughter, Iris, loves it and easily mastered the gameplay, which goes like this:... More

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