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How to Grill Pizza Indoors

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 27 comments

If you've got a backyard or deck and a grill, grilling pizzas is a natural in the summer. After lighting up the grill, hot, crisp-chewy, perfectly blistered crust is just a few minutes away. But what if you, like me, recently moved from a decked-out Brooklyn apartment to a Manhattan high rise with no outdoor space? The answer seems obvious: Grill the pizza indoors on a grill pan. More

Greenpoint, Brooklyn: Paulie Gee's

Slice Nick Solares 36 comments

Photographs by Nick Solares Paulie Gee's 60 Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222; 347-987-3747; pauliegee.com Pizza Style: Neapolitan-style pizza Oven Type: Wood-fired oven The Skinny: As much as a labor of love as any pizzeria out there, Paulie Gee's creates a warm, inviting mood and serves wonderful pies patterned on the Neapolitan model but with a local slant Price: Individual pies, $11 to $17 Notes: Liquor license coming next week If Paulie Gee ever runs out of fuel for his oven, he could probably scuttle his restaurant's interior, which is decked out floor to ceiling in wood, and keep making pizzas... More

Broiled No-Knead Pizza (No-Knead Pizza 102)

Slice Aaron Mattis 24 comments

Because these pizzas are so thin, it's possible to overcome the limitations of a home oven and generate extreme heat long enough to bake the pie to blistery perfection. I find that the easiest and safest way to achieve this level of heat is Heston Blumenthal's broiler method. Blumenthal superheats a cast iron skillet, inverts it, places the pie on the underside of the skillet, and slides it under the broiler to cook the pizza with bidirectional heat. More

How to Make No-Knead Pizza Dough (No-Knead Pizza 101)

Slice Aaron Mattis 37 comments

The best and worst thing about this dough is that it's wet and sticky: Water develops the gluten proteins in the flour, causing the dough to stretch beautifully when the yeast produces a high volume of gas in the heat of the oven. It's undeniably hard to roll out, but considering that rolling out the dough is the only difficult step in the entire process, this strikes me as an eminently fair trade-off. More

How to Make Grilled Pizza

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 52 comments

For my money, grilling pizza is by far the best way to cook pizza at home. The basic theory is easy. Take a round of pizza dough, expose it to the intense heat of a grill, flip it, top it, char the bottom, and serve. Because grills can reach upwards of 600°F and emit radiant energy like a motherfu**er, the pizzas bubble, crisp, and char in about 45 seconds flat per side. That's timing that rivals the hottest wood-burning oven, and just like those pizzas, the result is a crust that is soft and chewy in the center, with a crisp, crackly shell that's deeply charred in spots. More

Peep Meat, a Gallery of Burger Photographs

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

Browse burgers from around the world at Peep Meat, a gallery of burger photographs. [via Roberto]... More

Gallery of Texas Burger Porn from the 'Houston Press'

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 2 comments

Photographs by Robb Walsh Food critic Robb Walsh of the Houston Press brings us a slideshow of pretty burgers he's eaten over the past three years. I love the theme of the lone burger, front and center, with the... More

The Condiment Packet Gallery

Robyn Lee Post a comment

The Condiment Packet Gallery is the result of Chris Harne's attempt to collect every type of condiment packet design imaginable. If you want to help him out, send him a packet that doesn't already exist in his 700+ packet collection and he'll give you a free Condiment Gallery pin! [via Coudal Partners]... More

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