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Ginger Caramel Apple Galette

As October exhausts itself, apples in all their glorious shades and colors pile high in outdoor market bins and are turned into warm cider and doughnuts. Some of my favorite costumes for apples are sugary coatings like scarlet candy shells, and particularly, sticky caramel blankets. With that in mind, melted caramels lurk in a mound of tart Granny Smith apples bubbling in butter, brown sugar, and vibrant lemon. More

Pie of the Week: Mini Grape Galettes

If I were a poet, I'd write an ode to the grapes that have graced my local greenmarket recently. I love their pucker-inducing skins, and their sweet juicy insides. I love the way that the squishy, gelatinous centers burst out of the skins and squeak between my teeth. I love the seed-spitting contests my husband and amused ourselves with childishly from a blanket in the park. And, most of all, given their perfect combination of sweet, tart and colorful, I'm loving them for baking. More

Dinner Tonight: Summer Squash and Ricotta Galette

It doesn't usually occur to me to wrap up my dinner in a buttery pie crust, but I'm a convert now to this dish. That's the genius of a galette: you can take it in any direction you'd like. With vegetables in full summer swing, I'm always looking for new ways to showcase them simply that doesn't involve a bowl of pasta. More

Buckwheat Crêpes

Wandering Chopsticks has a great post on buckwheat crêpes that starts off with a trip to a friend of a friend's favorite Parisian crêperie—the directions going something like "In the Latin Quarter by the Saint Michel metro, past the Easy Internet, look for the Tunisian bakery but don't go inside the bakery, there's a window on the outside corner where they make crepes. But you don't want the old guy, or the really young guy, but the third guy."—and ends with a short video demonstration of how to make some without a griddle or crêpe pan. I myself prefer sweetened wheat flour crêpes (crêpes sucrées) to those made of buckwheat (the savoury crêpes salées, or galettes), but will never... More

La Chandeleur Et Crêpes

Bea of La Tartine Gourmand has a beautiful recipe for buckwheat herb galettes and mixed salad and a story about a festival that sounds right up my alley: "Earlier this month, I was reminded, once more too late, that on February 2nd, we celebrated la chandeleur. I wonder how comes that I simply can forget since it happens every year. In France, this originally Catholic festivity calls for cooks to prepare crêpes and beignets (doughnuts). Indeed, on the day of la chandeleur, the customs is to eat crêpes !"... More

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