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Tea Cup Stool

Mocha Why would you want a chair that looks like a chair? Boring. Furnish your apartment with a set of Tea Cup Stools. Unfortunately, each one will set you back £140 (about $197), but that's the price you pay to give your bum the lovely sensation of sitting on an oversized drinking receptacle. It comes in white, red, yellow, and orange.... More

Unified Dining Table

The Unified Dining Table designed by Min Hoo Park features a tray with built-in plates, cups, a vase, and a candelabra. Flip it over for a flat coffee table-ready side.... More

Inflatable Toast Mattress

With the help of Archie McPhee, you can be known as "That Dude with the Mattress Shaped Like a Giant Piece of Toast" by buying this inflatable mattress shaped like a giant piece of toast. Pair it with some jam-colored blankets and square yellow pillows for full effect. Just make sure to treat it like a mattress and not a giant piece of toast, no matter how hungry you may be. [via Gizmodo] Related Bread with Back Support Fried-Egg Furniture... More

Fried egg furniture

For someone who really loves fried eggs, this egg coffee table would be perfect! There's also an orange slice table for sale by the designer, in case citrus is more your style. I can imagine thinking this is a great idea and then in about six months wondering, "Why did I want a fried egg coffee table?" But maybe I don't love eggs enough. [via AT Nursery]... More

Bread with Back Support

I had never wanted a chair so badly in my life until I set my eyes on these Japanese cushion chairs shaped like giant food, obviously the work of a creative genius, or someone who was really hungry, or a really hungry creative genius. Although La-Z-Boy might disagree, nothing screams comfort like having your bum coddled by a monstrous plush slice of bread, melon pan, or hamburger. Can anyone in Japan send me one of these babies? [via Tokyo Times]... More

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