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Best Non-Bread, Pre-Meal Freebies in Washington D.C.

Still-warm, chewy bread is hard to beat in anticipation of a sit-down feast, but some places get points for thinking outside the bread box. "Fake," cheesy Mexican chains are great for bottomless chips and salsa, but let's go one step beyond that. In honor of next week's Tax Day, and our itch to get a few bones back from the Fed, here's a guide to the most unique pre-meal freebies at Washington D.C. eateries. When brainstorming, I asked my friend Sara Levine at Washingtonian—not related to Ed, as far as we can tell—who responded in a heartbeat with ideas. It's a good topic to be all over.... More

The Boundless Value of Disposable Chopsticks (and More)

For those who may not be receiving returns this year, a few tips for squeezing extra value out of ordinary kitchen items: In addition to their overt purpose, standard issue rounded stainless steel measuring spoons are also excellent for neatly removing cores from halved apples and pears, balling melon and making small, perfectly round ice cream scoops (to make ice cream orbs come out easily, dip the spoon in warm water before scooping, and after scooping rub the back of the spoon back and forth across the palm of your hand a few times to warm the metal slightly).... More

Cheap(er) Drinks: Tips For Enjoyable Drinking Without Going Broke

It’s tax time, and once you’re done sweating over the paperwork and writing out your check, you could probably use a drink. Ah, but there’s the rub—the IRS just walked away with your wallet, there’s a recession staring us in the face, and, to top it all, the real estate market is peeking into the abyss. Here are some tips to keep on drinking without going broke. More

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