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Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Freezer Cuisine

Last week for our Weekend Cook and Tell we asked you to peer into the frosty depths of your freezer for a challenge we called Freezer Cuisine. We were curious to see what sort of ingredients and defrostable meals all of you stockpiled for those nights when you wanted to enjoy home-cooked flavors without committing yourself to serious stove-front time. Here's a look at some of your best stocked freezers. More

Trader Joe's Frozen Steelcut Oatmeal Might Change Your Life

You have to respect Trader Joe's for addressing such an important issue: that steelcut oatmeal takes forever to cook. Sometimes up to 45 minutes, it's just too long to justify outside of a weekend breakfast luxury. But wait. Trader Joe's is now selling frozen steelcut oatmeal—three words you never thought you'd hear together—and it's ready in less than three minutes. Which got us thinking, what if we made a big pot of steelcut oatmeal and started freezing it in an ice cube tray? More

Taste Test: Frozen Apple Pies

We're not big on frozen pies, but we tried six of them anyhow: Marie Callenders, Sara Lee, Mrs. Smith's, Vermont Mystic, Amy's, and Wholly Wholsome. Did any of them taste like grandma's? Eh, maybe a couple. Others definitely did not. Check out our results. More

Eggo Mini Muffin Tops Should Not Exist

"They're even worse than normal muffin bottoms." [Photographs: Robyn Lee] Nothing about Eggo Mini Muffin Tops are right. Though adorable at first—because the only thing cuter than muffin tops are mini muffin tops—they fail at life. Flat and poof-less, they're not even trying hard to be authentic muffin humps. Stick with the left side. The four stuck-together "tops" come in both blueberry and chocolate-chip varieties. Waiting for them, you smell that familiar Eggo aroma and think, how bad can toasted, not especially healthy breakfast treats be? "Best Part of the Muffin," advertises the box. So true, you think, recalling the famous Seinfeld episode when "Top of the Muffin To You" dumps all the rejected stumps in front of the homeless... More

What Do You Do with Frozen Tomatoes?

That ain't cod roe. Photograph from Eat to Blog Howard of Eat to Blog froze a few tomatoes last summer with the intention of using them in the winter. When he realized he didn't know how to use them, he experimented by grating them and using them in a pasta sauce. What does tomato snow taste like? It tasted exactly like fresh tomato, but the temperature and texture of it was all different. The pink flakes liquified almost immediately on my tongue, leaving only the taste of tomato behind. He adds that the frozen tomato flakes retain raw tomato flavor while eliminating the texture, a plus for those who hate the texture of raw tomato. Do you have suggestions... More

McCain Frozen Foods Co. Launches Ad Campaign with Presidential Candidate

The advertising team for Canadian-based McCain, the frozen and packaged spuds company, lucked out when an eponymous politician decided to run for president. They will capitalize on the name recognition with an election-themed campaign called "Why McCain should be in the White House," according to Advertising Age. Since McCain (the food one) doesn't use trans-fatty oils, one campaign slogan will be: "McCain goes to war over oil." Another one: "McCain brings 'smiles' to millions," referencing the company's frozen potatoes with cut-out smiley faces. The company hopes to keep the campaign alive until early November, unless events with McCain (the human being one) make the ads seem old.... More

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