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We Try the New Cherry Berry Chiller at McDonald's

You know how when you're having a bad day, you're likely to hate whatever you come across? A wrong-way-over-the-bridge day, can't-believe-this-traffic day? When you're in that sort of mood, you're not exactly predisposed to love whatever's handed to you at the rest stop McDonald's. But the Cherry Berry Chiller I had this weekend was surprisingly good. More

Strawberry Watermelon Summer Slush

It's hot enough to even consider the quickie mart slushie, those neon-colored sugar concoctions that taste nothing like the flavors they're named for. Why would I go that route when just a few ingredients in the fridge can give me far healthier and much tastier results? To make this strawberry and watermelon slush, I just dropped the diced fruit in my blender, added some citrus juice to help the blender move, a little honey for sweetness, and then it's straight to the freezer. More

New Frozen Drink at L.A. Starbucks?

Good morning, serious eaters! Here's something to wake you up in a cool way: It looks like Starbucks may have a new drink rolling out soon. The blog Eater L.A. reports that the new item will be a "drinkable sorbet," with two flavors—coffee-based (for all you morning people) and cream-based. So far, the only word is that the drink will appear at select L.A. outlets on July 14.... More

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