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Best Frozen Chicken Wings?

I fired up the oven, strapped on my orangest sweatpants, and got down to business. It's a four-way battle between the "hot and spicy" wings from both Banquet and Tyson, and the Buffalo-style wings from T.G.I. Friday's grocery division and Perdue. More

Scooped: Mint and Green Chile Granita

Granitas are light, bright, ridiculously refreshing, and essentially a fluffier, flakier sibling of slushies. With all the mint lying around my kitchen during spring and summer, a mint granita was a no-brainer. To give it some depth, I added green chiles–the two go surprisingly well together. The spicy kick harmonizes with mint's bright notes, and the verdant green flavors bring out mint's grassy elements. More

Cakespy: Homemade Pudding Pops

Growing up in the 1980s, I was pretty sure what made Jell-O Pudding Pops so delicious: every batch had been lovingly made by Bill Cosby, naturally. Now that I'm older and (arguably) wiser, I know that the secret behind that singular texture and flavor isn't Bill's secret family recipe. But what I didn't know was that these sweet summertime treats are, seriously, the easiest thing ever to make. More

How to Make Granita

Somewhere between sorbet and a sno-cone, a granita is the perfect refreshment when you're hot, cranky, and looking for an excuse to stick your face in the freezer every 30 minutes. This slideshow will teach you how to make your own granita by stirring some simple syrup into basically anything. More

Seriously Asian: Frozen Tofu

My love of frozen tofu began by accident. Stuck with a glut of half-used packages, I threw the tofu into the freezer and promptly forgot about them for weeks. Then, rifling through the fridge one day, I found the blocks tucked away. After tossing them into boiling water, what emerged was some of the most densely-textured tofu I've ever eaten. More

Cinnamon-Cayenne Ice Cream

Yield: 1 quart Zest Factor: Medium This ice cream feels cold, but tastes oh-so-warm on the tongue thanks to a collection of spices. Recipe by A.J. Fox for Chile Pepper magazine. For other spicy ice cream suggestions to make and... More

Starbucks' Vivanno Vs. Jamba Juice Smoothies

Starbucks had new signage today welcoming the Vivanno. As explained yesterday, it's a nutritious answer to the indulgent Frappuccino, with only 250 calories for the 16-ounce Orange Mango Banana flavor, and 270 calories for the Banana Chocolate. Are they worth it? Fewer calories than a Jamba Juice smoothie or a Frappuccino, but they're gross. Banana Chocolate After tasting one spoonful of the Banana Chocolate, Ed Levine compared it to milk of magnesia. Yum! Chewable tablets that relieve heartburn! Watery, with fake chocolate powder undertones, this isn't good. The closest Jamba Juice counterpart: Peanut Butter Moo'd, minus the peanut butter part. Vanilla frozen yogurt, chocolate "Moo'd base," soy milk, ice, and frozen bananas yielded no discernible flavor, but was more... More

Starbucks Introduces the 'Vivanno' Drink: Looks, Tastes Like Smoothie, But Not One

Starbucks is unleashing another "healthy" answer to the extra caramel Frappuccino with extra whip. Launching Tuesday, the "Vivanno" will taste, look, and act like a smoothie but since it's "so much more than a smoothie" according to Starbucks, they won't let you call it one. The Vivanno will come in two flavors: Orange Mango Banana Blend, made with Naked Juice, protein and fiber powders, milk, and ice, with 227 calories in a grande. In the Banana Chocolate Blend, mocha syrup replaces the juice, and there's 270 calories for the same 16 ounces. Each blend also contains a whole banana, which Starbucks really wants you to know and love. According to one barista blogger, staffers were reminded repeatedly that there's “at... More

Photo of the Day: Lime Fruit Bar

This frosty Dryer's lime-flavored fruit bar eaten by Joy K looks very tempting in light of the hot and humid, sweat inducing, brain melting heat we've been having these past three days in New York City. Related Photo of the Day: Fave Popsicle Photo of the Day: Pink Panther Ice Pop Photo of the Day: Shave Ice at Ward Farmers' Market... More

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