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Sunday Brunch: Corn Fritters

Some mornings only something sweet, salty and fried will cure what ails you. These simple fritters come together in no time with ingredients from the pantry and freezer. As long as you're together enough to handle a few inches of hot oil, getting some corn fritters on the table takes only a few minutes and ingredients. More

S. H. Fernando Jr.'s Spicy Lentil Fritters

S.H. Fernando Jr., author of Rice & Curry, calls these Spicy Lentil Fritters an Asian take on falafel, and that's a spot-on call. Subbing out chickpeas for yellow split peas makes for fritters with a great bite and the chiles, onion, curry leaves, ginger, and fennel seeds give these guys beguiling flavor, one that will have you snacking on these little fritters until every last one is gone. More

Chickpea Fritters with Yogurt Sauce

These fritters some together quickly with things from your cupboard—and for those mornings when you may have overindulged a little bit the evening prior, a deep-fried chickpea fritter can be just what's called for. The yogurt sauce is a simplified tzatziki, and is just the right complement for these simple fritters. More

Video: Gina DePalma Makes Caciotta Fritters on 'The Dairy Show'

Our own Seriously Italian correspondent and Babbo executive pastry chef Gina DePalma appeared on The Dairy Show, a web show devoted to responsibly-made milk products. She whips up some savory fritters (or fritelli in Italian) using the Tuscan-style rustic farmhouse cheese caciotta from Dancing Ewe Farm. The little fried dough balls then get garnished with farm honey and fresh thyme from Gina's mom's garden. Watch the fritter-making after the jump.... More

Cook the Book: Apple Fritters

The batter has two leavening agents, beer and whipped egg whites, which make for light and airy fritters. The apple slices sit in a cinnamon and sugar mixture for just enough time to absorb the flavors without turning mushy. These fritters have all the wonderful appley qualities of an apple-filled doughnut minus that cloyingly sweet gooey apple filling. More

Seriously Italian: Frittelle di Spinaci

Editor's note: On Thursdays, Babbo pastry chef Gina DePalma checks in with Seriously Italian. After a stint in Rome, she's back in the States, channeling her inner Italian spirit via recipes and intel on delicious Italian eats. Take it away, Gina! Any serious student of Italian cuisine understands the relationship that Italians have with leafy greens. I can’t remember an evening meal, with my family or when I lived in Italy, without a pile of garlicky greens on the side; it could be dandelion, swiss chard, escarole, chicory, or my very favorite, spinach. Spinach in Italy is beautiful: deep green, with an almost velvety appearance, and a distinctive, mineral-rich flavor. It only needs a minimalist approach to make it completely... More

Honey Fritters

The following recipe is from the May 14th edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! In their Mediterranean cookbook Wine Bar Food, Cathy Mantuano and Tony Mantuano say that ring-shaped honey... More

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