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Springtime Frittata from 'Family Table'

A frittata is a wonderful way to make use of odds and ends in the kitchen. WIth so many spring vegetables springing these days, I had plenty of small bits to turn into dinner. Or lunch. Or brunch. The spring frittata in Michael Romano and Karen Stabiner's Family Table is presented as the perfect dish for serving at any time of day, and at any temperature. Indeed, the combination of wholesome veggies, rich eggs (with extra yolks), and nutty Gruyere cheese is killer at any time of day. And while the recipe reads long, it can easily be broken up into two phases: the filling, and the eggs. Saute the vegetables and roast the potato when you can, and then whisk and bake up the frittata right before serving. More

Eggy Zucchini Pie

This creamy, eggy pie brings the most bountiful vegetable in our garden to new heights. This frittata-like dish is dense enough to fill a belly. It's also cheesy and creamy enough to please the pickiest eaters. Note: To chiffonade basil,... More

Sunday Brunch: Country French Omelet

Bacon, eggs, and potatoes are old pals, but I hadn't thought to combine them in such a pleasing way until Ina Garten showed me how to make this country French omelet. Like a frittata, this omelet is cooked in the oven, from which it emerges rather thin—in my pan, it rose no higher than 3/4 inch. While my frittatas are often a little overcooked, however, these eggs were perfectly tender and richly studded with bacon and potatoes. More

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